Boeing 737 Max to Provide 10 Additional Plane Orders to SunExpress

In a clear vote of confidence, the airline has placed further orders for Boeing 737 Max aircraft.
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Following the two fatal Boeing 737 Max 8 plane crashes earlier this year, all of these aircraft were grounded worldwide.

Boeing has been investigating why the crashes occurred, and how to improve their usually fast-selling Boeing 737 aircraft. 

Now, in an unsuspecting turn, leisure airline SunExpress ordered 10 more Boeing 737 Max 8 planes on Monday. 


SunExpress and Boeing

Turkey-based SunExpress airline, which is a joint venture between Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa, offers direct flights to many Mediterranean and Black Sea destinations. Their main aircraft is the Boeing 737. 

At the Dubai Airshow on Monday, the aircraft maker disclosed SunExpress' future orders of the Boeing 737 Max, stating the airline had ordered 10 more following from their previous order of 32 planes

This is good news for Boeing, as the airline halted all deliveries and sales of their Boeing 737 Max after the crashes. New orders disappeared, creating concern for the company. 

However, potential buyers have been circling the usually-fast-selling aircraft.

Rumors that British Airways' parent company, the International Consolidated Airline Group, would be buying 200 of the 737 Max planes circulated after the Paris Airshow in June. However, these rumors have yet to be confirmed. 

This would be good news for Boeing, as their profits have taken a huge hit this year, curbing their growth plans. 

When it came to explaining the benefits of using brand new Boeing 737 Max planes, SunExpress stated that "The benefits for the customers of SunExpress is that the average age of the fleet will be one of the lowest of all airlines. In addition, thanks to new seating, improved leg room, and excellent seat comfort, as well as maximum reliability and safety, are guaranteed." 

Boeing has been working hard behind the scenes to gain regulatory approval to fix the software of the plane's flight-control system — the issue that brought the two planes down earlier this year. 

The aircraft builder has done its best to keep the public in the loop with its regular progress reports, with the latest one saying "Boeing’s priority remains the safe return to service of the MAX and supporting our airline customers through this challenging time. We are working closely with the FAA and other regulatory authorities as we work towards certification and safe return to commercial service, and we are taking the time to answer all of their questions."

A number of people are voicing their concerns with regards to SunExpress' new order of the aircraft, as can be seen through these online posts: 

Boeing 737 Max to Provide 10 Additional Plane Orders to SunExpress
Source: MarketWatch
Boeing 737 Max to Provide 10 Additional Plane Orders to SunExpress
A concerned flyer shares his opinion on MarketWatch. Source: MarketWatch

However, some commentators are defending the decision:

And another commentator who believes all will be well: 


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