Boeing to Use 100% Sustainable Fuel on All Planes by 2030

For the time being, planes fly on a blend of conventional and sustainable fuel.
Fabienne Lang

Last week, Boeing announced its goal of moving towards 100% sustainable fuels for all its commercial aircraft by 2030. 

The next decade will see an ambitious push for the aviation giant towards a more eco-conscious future. Boeing has already carried out successful test flights that replaced traditional petroleum jet fuel with sustainable fuels, in a bid to tackle the massive challenge of climate change. 


At the moment, a maximum blend of 50/50 petroleum jet fuel and sustainable fuel is allowed for aircraft, but Boeing pointed out that if the aviation industry is truly committed to reducing carbon emissions by half from 2005 to 2050, it has to move towards 100% sustainable fuels. 

"Our industry and customers are committed to addressing climate change, and sustainable aviation fuels are the safest and most measurable solution to reduce aviation carbon emissions in the coming decades," said Boeing Commercial Airplanes President and CEO Stan Deal.

"We're committed to working with regulators, engine companies, and other key stakeholders to ensure our airplanes and eventually our industry can fly entirely on sustainable jet fuels."

Sustainable jet fuels can be made from a variety of feedstocks, which include non-edible plants, agricultural and forestry waste, non-recyclable household waste, and other sources. 

Chris Raymond, Chief Sustainability Officer of Boeing, said "Sustainable aviation fuels are proven, used every day, and have the most immediate and greatest potential to reduce carbon emissions in the near and long term when we work together as an industry."

Boeing also pointed out that it's previously conducted biofuel test flights in 2008, which gained approval for sustainable jet fuels in 2011. And in 2018, in a collaboration with FedEx and under the company's ecoDemonstrator program, it flew the world's first commercial plane using 100% sustainable jet fuel on a 777-Freighter.

Industries and companies around the world are forging ahead with sustainable potions, such as trains running on waste, and cargo flight company Atlas Air Worldwide flew a transatlantic flight using only green fuel

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