Boring Company's Vegas Loop Tunnel Grows After Winning Casino Project

The extension will be added to the Convention Center Loop.
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Tesla in Boring Company tunnelBoring Company

The Las Vegas loop lengthens. That is to say, the Boring Company, one of Elon Musk's companies, has just won a contract to provide its underground tunnel to a casino in Las Vegas.

The tunnel will link up Resorts World Las Vegas to the Convention Center and be a part of the Las Vegas Loop. This could mean the start of other connections between hotels and casinos on the Vegas Strip, and even perhaps the airport. 


One more stop on the loop

The Boring Company will be adding one more stop to its loop system in Las Vegas: Resorts World Las Vegas. The casino had put its interest forward, along with Wynn Resorts, back in June, and the good news became official on August 5th.

Boring Company's Vegas Loop Tunnel Grows After Winning Casino Project
The Las Vegas Convention Center project underway. Source: the Boring Company

"We are thrilled to receive approval from the County Commission to move forward with our proposed passenger station and tunnel and are eager to take the next steps in creating an innovative transportation solution for our convention guests and visitors," said Scott Sibella, president of Resorts World Las Vegas.

So it's a green light for Resorts World Las Vegas' project, which the Clark County Commission board agreed to. The plan is for patrons of the casino to be linked up with a passenger station with direct access to its dining, retail, and nightlife facilities. It'll also link the casino with the Convention Center, a couple of blocks away, in just under two minutes. 

The entire loop system is being built in order to vamp up the Las Vegas Convention Center and minimize travel time from point to point. Passengers all travel in Teslas that zoom beneath the surface in tunnels built by Musk's Boring Company. 

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Boring Company's Vegas Loop Tunnel Grows After Winning Casino Project
The potential future Vegas Loop tunnel connections, Source: the Boring Company

A number of projects for the Boring Company's tunnels have been put forward, including the city's McCarran International Airport, the famous Bellagio casino, and other iconic spots in Sin City. This will ultimately be called the Vegas Loop.

The Boring Company recently successfully finished its second tunnel that'll be part of the Convention Center Loop, with plans of starting operations in early 2021.

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