Bridge Collapses After Overweight Semi-Truck Tries to Cross It

Luckily, no one was injured.
Fabienne Lang
Westphalia bridge collapseMSHP Troop F/Twitter

When infrastructure collapses, it's not a good sign.

Earlier this week, a truck carrying feed over Penecostal Bridge in Westphalia, Missouri caused the bridge to completely collapse, bringing the truck and its driver down with it. 

Luckily, the driver wasn't injured, and nor was anyone else, as per the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) Troop F, who reported the accident

The truck had been carrying a load much heavier than the stated maximum amount the single-lane bridge could sustain. 



The sign on the now-collapsed Penecostal Bridge near Westphalia stated the maximum weight of any vehicle crossing it should be five tons. 

According to MSHP Troop F, the truck was attempting to transport feed across the bridge and the cargo's weight, not including the truck and the driver's weight, was roughly 40,000 pounds. As per the MSHP Troop F's post on Twitter, one ton is the equivalent of 2,000 pounds. Thus, the truck was around 30,000 pounds overweight for the bridge. 

As per Colby Holzschuh, MSHP Corporal, who spoke with KOMU "[The driver] attempted to back up and when he was attempting to back up the hill, he struck a guardrail."

"Then, as he tried to go back around the corner to try to get straightened out, he was striking it rock so he continued to go back and forth racking the rock in the guardrail. Once he eventually started to make the turn again, he struck the bridge, which caused the bridge to collapse with him on it."

Holzschuh continued by explaining what the bridge means to Westphalia: "It's one of the last like middle bridges that span the Maries River in Osage County and a lot of kids would come down here seniors take their senior pictures."

"So I'm sure to the resonance, and the local areas can be very disappointing."

Luckily, the driver wasn't injured, and nor was anyone else, as per MSHP Troop F.

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