Cadillac unveiled its first all-electric luxury vehicle, the Celestiq

The handmade luxury EV will come with a price tag starting at $300,000.
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The US-based luxury carmaker Cadillac has unveiled its luxury electric-powered vehicle, the Cadillac Celestiq.

The brand has built one of the most sophisticated, opulent, and significant vehicles it has ever made by drawing from every era and aspect of its rich legacy.

Cadillac's Art of Travel design concept, which influenced the aesthetic of the Lyriq and the brand's journey to be entirely electric by 2030, is manifested in Celestiq.

Cadillac unveiled its first all-electric luxury vehicle, the Celestiq

The handcrafted, all-electric Cadillac Celestiq is an ultra-luxury flagship that reestablishes the legendary brand as the Standard of the World and serves as the brand's electric future flagship.

“Celestiq is the purest expression of Cadillac, acknowledging our incredible history and driving us to a bolder and brighter future,” said Global Vice President of Cadillac Rory Harvey.

With its design, cutting-edge technology, and customized luxury anchored in Cadillac's history of handcrafting classic vehicles like the 1933 V16 Aerodynamic Coupe and the 1957 Eldorado Brougham, the Celestiq tale is founded on a legacy.

Every Celestiq is a one-of-a-kind combination of artistry, authenticity, workmanship, and unmatched refinement that is specifically commissioned as a reflection of its owner's unique interests and preferences.

Celestiq's silhouette has a daring fastback profile that challenges the ultra-luxury market with an avant-garde and futuristic aesthetic. A harmony of surfaces is produced by the aggressiveness of the grille and the vertical lighting marks flowing into the sloping windscreen. Celestiq exudes ultra-luxury with a modern edge that is unmatched by anything else in its market.

To embody the avant-garde, futuristic vision the Celestiq silhouette evokes, the vehicle features several innovative technologies, including a fixed smart glass roof, automated illuminated charging indicators, 3D printed carbon fiber and metal materials, exterior lighting, lighting choreography, power open and close doors, and wheel choices.

Powered by the Ultium Platform

The groundbreaking Ultium Platform, which is the basis for Celestiq's thrilling performance and range, powers the vehicle. With a 111-kWh battery pack and a two-motor, all-wheel-drive propulsion system, this specialized EV propulsion architecture provides a GM-estimated 600 horsepower and 640 lb-ft of torque, as well as a GM-estimated driving range of 300 miles (483 km) on a full charge.

The Celestiq stands apart from other Ultium-based EVs thanks to its special calibrated 11.59:1 front and 11.63:1 rear gear ratios that maximize performance and range. In addition to its outstanding horsepower and torque, the car is predicted to have one of the fastest accelerations from 0 to 60 mph (0 to 100 kph) in 3.8 seconds.

The engineers at Celestiq made the most of the sturdy architecture to create Cadillac's most technologically advanced suspension and other performance systems, such as the 5-link front and rear suspension, adaptive air suspension, active rear steering, magnetic ride control 4.0, advanced all-wheel drive, active roll control, and active rear spoiler,

Cadillac is dedicated to providing customers with a seamless charging experience, whether they are at home or on the go. The Celestiq has a 200 kW DC fast charging technology that can provide up to a Cadillac-estimated 78 miles (125 km) of range in just 10 minutes of charging at a public DC fast charging station if you need to charge rapidly.

The Celestiq has almost 300 authorized and pending patents for technologies and methods, including safety features, electric propulsion systems, networked technologies, advanced climate systems, Cadillac’s expertise in hands-free advanced driver assistance technology with Ultra Cruise, and remote auto parking.

The Celestiq’s interior is where Cadillac’s Art of Travel design philosophy is fully realized, the craftsmanship is evident the moment a client enters the cabin, and the sensory experience is ignited through the use of authentic materials and indulgent details.

Cadillac unveiled its first all-electric luxury vehicle, the Celestiq
Cadillac Celestiq

The centerpiece of the interior and the CELESTIQ technology interface is a pillar-to-pillar, 55-inch-diagonal advanced HD display — the largest in the segment. It is a technological marvel, containing two separate screens under a single pane of glass. The driver-side display — with pixel density compared to an 8K screen — shows the driver and shared vehicle information, while the passenger side allows the occupants to play media, use the internet capability, connect their smartphones, and more. In order to separate the passenger display from the driver, digital blinds active privacy technology provides a virtual privacy shield, dimming the passenger screen from the driver’s view when in use.

The launch of Celestiq is anticipated for December 2023, with an initial price of $300,000 that will increase with the level of customization.

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