Carmaker Tesla Is Expanding to Nikola Tesla's Birthplace

The expansion was a long time coming!
Loukia Papadopoulos
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If electrical engineer and renowned futurist Nikola Tesla were alive today, he probably would be proud that Elon Musk decided to name his electric vehicle company after him. Now it seems Musk might be expanding Tesla into the famed genius' birthplace: Croatia, reported Electrek.


The inventor was born in a village called Smiljan in the Austrian Empire. With the new borders, the village now falls under Croatian soil, a place soon to be serviced by Tesla.

For years now, Musk has been saying he would like to expand to the country but his plans have been delayed. Last year, he said he was very seriously considering opening a store and service center in the country that would “do Nikola Tesla proud”.

“Hoping to open in Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia & most of Eastern Europe early next year. Finally, we will do Nikola Tesla proud by having his cars in his country of origin!” Musk said in a 2019 tweet.

Now, Tesla's site boasts job openings in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. “As we prepare for our exciting new entry into Croatia, we are looking to recruit a number of Tesla Advisors to join our brand new team in Zagreb!” writes the carmaker in its job description.

This should come as good news to the many Tesla owners in the country who have imported their vehicles from abroad. Tesla has also deployed 8 Supercharger stations in the country to service its current clientele.

Tesla and other electric vehicle owners in the nation are well-organized and quite passionate. Last year, they protested the fact that some gasoline owners blocked their charging stations by in turn blocking a gasoline station.

With Tesla now coming to the small country, there likely won't be a need for such protests anymore. What do you think of this latest development? Would it really make Nikola Tesla proud? 

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