Chain-less INgSOC Bicycle is the Most Stylish Bike You Will Ever See

Interesting Engineering

The bicycle is not just a transport, it is the most eco-friendly tool, which never causes pollution and doesn’t need to use natural resources like gas, petroleum etc. It is inspiring designers such as Edward Kim and Benny Cemoli to create new models. The INgSOC chainless bicycle is taking the classical system one step forward with its extraordinary style. It looks like it is designed to be used in one of the X-Files scenes.

ingsoc-3[Image Source: Edward Kim & Benny Cemoli]

The first innovative designs of bicycles appear in the early 1860’s by French designers Pierre Michaux and Pierre Lallement. By adding a mechanical crank drive with pedals on an enlarged front wheel, they made a great change and called it velocipede.

ingsoc-1[Image Source: Edward Kim & Benny Cemoli]

This new bike includes new techniques like an electric motor, self-generating lightning, and a hybrid system which gives you options to use it just by pedaling, electric only or the combination of both, called electric assist.

ingsoc-8[Image Source: Edward Kim & Benny Cemoli]

Loui Vuitton bicycle!

The body is made from a carbon fiber reinforced polymer, provides the necessary strength and a lightweight ratio. The prototype is designed in yellow and black colors, but it can be customized in a snake skin pattern, leopard print, camo, houndstooth, cowhide, tartan and even Loui Vuitton!

ingsoc-10[Image Source: Edward Kim & Benny Cemoli]

So light!

The profile of INgSOC frame fuses the aerodynamic shapes of triathlon designs with the flexible handling and riding comfort of traditional designs. The body is designed to hide the battery and the electric mechanism inside, but stay thin and light as much as possible.

ingsoc-12[Image Source: Edward Kim & Benny Cemoli]

3 different modes

Riding the INgSOC is possible in three different modes. If you are tired and your battery is full, you can just ride it in electric-only mode, and if your battery level goes down, you can pedal to charge it, by using your kinetic energy. The battery pack is just behind the seat and it is removable as well.

ingsoc-9[Image Source: Edward Kim & Benny Cemoli]

Dystopic designers, Edward Kim and Benny Cemoli present their view on their blog in these words:

"... Our understanding of the world is based on connecting and interpreting ideas according to associations and the juxtaposition of information within a given context… The linking or accumulation of data helps us form a complex picture of daily life leading to greater interaction, engagement, and understanding of our place in the world."

ingsoc-13[Image Source: Edward Kim & Benny Cemoli]

"By fostering rigorous, cross-disciplinary relations, architects and designers are carving out new avenues for experimentation that are helping shape insightful solutions to urgent issues such as our well-being and our health and safety, ultimately enhancing the quality of our daily lives."

ingsoc-6[Image Source: Edward Kim & Benny Cemoli]

"Not always intended as ends in themselves, however, multi-disciplinary practices can also be used as experiments into under-explored issues meant to motivate reflection on the values, mores, and practices that are often overlooked in society. Discover the innovative ways architects and designers are probing beyond the confines of their fields to explore new directions and innovative solutions to current cultural conditions."

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