China is Testing Bus that Drives Over Cars

Trevor English
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A little while back you may have heard that China was planning on building a bus that drove over cars on the roadway, but now they are actually testing a working model. The giant bus platform can drive over two lanes of traffic while carrying passengers in a lounge-type setting above. Straddling the roadway enables the bus to cut past traffic and also help eliminate congestion at the same time. An overhead bus system is far cheaper than a subway system, but these preliminary tests will prove the viability of the endeavor.

The launch of the first working prototype comes as a surprise to some since the vehicle concept was first announced only a few months ago. Called the TEB-1, the elevated bus is a world first, and many congested cities may start seeing these machines if these initial tests go well. Clearance under the bus is 6.5 feet, which allows for most car and van traffic to slip underneath, while semis and other larger vehicles will have to drive around, according to Tech Insider.

The vehicle will operate on a specific route, much like a trolley. Throughout the route, there will be charging stations placed to give a boost to the bus if it happens to run low on energy. The inside can accommodate up to 1,000 people, and also is far more spacious than any bus design before it.

Top speeds of the vehicles will be 36 miles per hour, which makes it perfect for city traffic. Time will tell how this unique transportation concept plays out, but it is certainly a world's first.

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