Chinese Startup Gets Its Self-Driving Car Test Permit in California

The first Chinese company to get the permit in California.
Deniz Yildiran
The photo credit line may appear like thisAutoX

Driverless cars which are expected to take over the regular ones are getting there point step by step. While it will be a life-changing thing for almost everyone, there is obvious opposition towards the technology too. 

Some controversies cover such details whether they are completely safe with no possibility of an accident or they are expected to suit all the weather conditions. However, putting all aside, it's better we'd get used to this new trend ASAP

The third one to get a permit

AutoX, Alibaba-backed autonomous vehicle start-up has gotten its permit to test its driverless cars from the California Department of Motor Vehicles. The areas are determined as certain places in San Jose, California, reports South China Morning Post.

“We objectively reached the Level-4 autonomous driving technology, and passed the same strict regulatory approval (process) as Google’s Waymo,” explained Professor Xiao Jianxiong, founder and CEO of AutoX.

The apparent race of building driverless cars is revving up among tech giants and there are a bunch of them getting in line for test approvals. Being the third company to receive this one lucky approval among others such as Google-backed Waymo and California-based Nuro, AutoX will be able to perform its test with passengers with a maximum speed of 45 miles per hour. 


A long safety checklist

For those who are curious about the safety of the prototype, The AutoX driverless vehicles are obligated to make sure that passengers on board and pedestrians on the road are safe, and also react to certain situations such as traffic, road repairs, being stopped by police, and giving right-of-way to firefighting vehicles in an emergency, South China Morning Post explains.

If you are that lazy person who hates to drive but loves to be the co-pilot, you should start searching for more information sooner or later.