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In today's world there is so much fuzz about electrical transportation, especially about electrical two-wheelers. Here is what can happen, when two friends meet on a Fool's-day for a chat to choose an electrical bike.

chop-e-1[Image Source: Chop-e]

Dubbed the "Chop-E" for it's similarity to a Chopper, where the E stands for electric (the creators thought that it was so boring that all e-products have the E in front of "anything" so they did it opposite). Moreover, Chop-E's wide rear wheel holds a battery, not an engine and it has front wheel drive! Chop-E really is a very fresh idea.

chop-e[Image Source: Chop-e]

Amazingly these guys from little E-country Estonia (yes, in Estonia they have everything "E": banks, government, voting, healthcare etc.) came up with the idea for an electrical bicycle on the 1st of April 2014, spent 3 weeks for shopping, after that they built the first prototype in only eight days. By the 28th of April the first fully functioning prototype was ready!

1980343_1430300873890745_995384821535051037_o[Image Source: Chop-e]

By now, they have made a crazy road-trip to Dublin to visit the WebSummit'14. On the way they stopped in Amsterdam and it was documented in NL-Times. It took them 6467km (4018 miles) in total and they promise to ride across the USA if they manage to raise their goal of $100,000 during the first two weeks on KickStarter. During the WebSummit they were also noticed by C-Net.

During testing they have achieved a range of 75 km (or 46 miles) and a top speed of (35km/h or 20mph). The Battery capacity is 20Ah and full charging time for LiFePo elements is just 3,5h. They claim that for 1€ worth of electricity they can go for 625km.

Here is their first video where these bikes can be seen in action:

Chop-E as a lifestyle from Chop-E on Vimeo.
They just started a campaign on KickStarter to help raise funds and you can pledge$4499to get this stylish two-wheeler.
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