Cupra's DarkRebel: A virtual sports car concept for the Metaverse

New concept vehicle can be configured in virtual Hyper Configurator lab.
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Cupra DarkRebel
Cupra DarkRebel


Spanish carmaker Cupra has revealed a virtual sports car concept, the DarkRebel, an all-electric model that could become a reality in the next decade, according to a company release

Cupra, a spin-off of Seat brand, presented the DarkRebel at its space in the metaverse, Metahype, through a hologram form.

The vehicle features sharp lines and an athletic proportion of a sports car combined with a shooting brake architecture. The long, endless bonnet has an arrow shape that provides the maximum feeling of speed, while the cabin is pushed to the rear to create attractive proportions. The central spine connects the front and the rear as the core of the skeleton of this all-electric sports car.

The CEO of Cupra, Wayne Griffiths, stated, "After five years of building the brand CUPRA in a nowadays world, it is time to think about the next step. Our next dream. The CUPRA DarkRebel is the ultimate interpretation of our vision.

Cupra designed the DarkRebel to embody the unconventional challenger brand’s spirit of performance and emotion. This concept car brings Cupra’s DNA to the maximum without any boundaries. It is not a prediction but rather a provocation, showing that design is a dialogue, not a process.

Cupra's DarkRebel: A virtual sports car concept for the Metaverse
Cupra DarkRebel interior

The DarkRebel's driver-oriented interior is also radical and evolves with an asymmetric central spine as the structural core of the car.

According to Cupra, the concept car features bucket seats, a gamified steering wheel, and a gear shifter that connects the human to the machine. The Cupra DarkRebel is designed to enter a new dimension.

Cupra has also created a virtual lab called the Hyper Configurator, where users can push their creativity without the physical limits of feasibility that exist in the material world.

Users can experiment with creating unseen colors, materials, and finishes with outstanding results. The environment and material choices are dominated by an ethereal feel, creating a fully-realized Metaverse. Users can also share a video of their unique model after completing the configuration.

The Cupra DarkRebel is designed to stand out and make a statement with its unique design and cutting-edge technology.

The vehicle's official physical version will be presented shortly, and the Cupra Tribe can create their versions of the show car using the Hyper Configurator, which will influence the final design.

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