Dakar Rally Race Truck Hit by Low-Flying Helicopter

Even after the truck's top ripped off, the truck's driver still managed to win second place in his category.
Fabienne Lang
Dakar Rally hitGalopin/YouTube

Looking like a stunt straight out of an action movie, a helicopter hit and ripped off part of the top of a speeding truck in the middle of the desert. 

The helicopter and truck were, in fact, part of the infamous Dakar Rally — one of the most notorious races in the world taking place in South America, Africa, and the Middle East — and the collision was most likely not planned. 

The helicopter was part of the filming team from the Dakar Rally and trying to snap a few prime close-ups of the roaring Kamaz truck, and the truck was race entrant Anton Shibalov's, who ultimately came in second place for his section

Luckily, no one was injured.


"Anton Shibalov's car arrived at the finish line with a torn-open air intake on the roof of the body," Eric Khairullin, of Shibalov's team, said to The Drive. "It turned out that the organizers' helicopter hovered too low over the track and at some point, when the truck rushing at speed, threw it up, apparently, [hitting] a helicopter.

When looking at footage of the surprising event, the low-flying helicopter hits the top of Shibalov's Kamaz truck when the vehicle bumps up into the air as it hits a sand dune. 

It's still unclear whether or not the truck's team and the helicopter's team had planned the event, however, it looks unlikely that would be the case. 

The truck was able to keep speeding across the sand dunes to complete the rest of the stage, coming in second for its truck class, behind Dmitry Sotnikov, also in a Kamaz truck. 

Even if this collision was a mistake, it takes a skilled helicopter pilot to manage to fly at such a low altitude and to then fly away safely after bumping with a moving vehicle. 

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