Datsun 280Z Forgotten in Barn Gets Its First Wash in Over 44 Years

The car only shows 350 miles on its odometer!
Utku Kucukduner
The photo credit line may appear like thisAMMO NYC/YouTube

How happy would you be if you cracked your so-and-so's barn open only to find a 'mint' condition Nissan Datsun 280Z inside? Any car enthusiast would have their brains melt off from joy. Although you'd need to do a thorough washing probably, and that's exactly the case with this 1976 make Datsun. Folks over at the YouTube channel AMMO NYC do a good job of restoring it to its former glory.

The original owner brought the car through a dealership in Philadelphia and drove it home, only to find a small dent in the front fender. The dealership offered to putty and repaint the car but the owner digressed, demanding a replacement of the entire fender. The dealership agreed after some back and forth and posted his part. He took the fender out and during the wait, he decided to do some other improvements.


He took off the AM/FM radio to replace it with a cassette player (which was all the rage at the time). He demounted the console, ran some speaker wires through the inner workings when he suddenly began experiencing monetary problems. The car only shows 350 miles on its odometer and this dismantlement of these various parts is 'partly' the reason why, if you will.

After taking the car to a comfortable working station, they begin to assess the situation. They reveal some interesting facts about the car too. Apparently, sitting around with its doors closed, the car still smells like a brand new car on the inside. And ironically, the thick sheet of dust that accumulated over the years has protected the paint and the finish from deterioration. 

The team takes special care to not cause any harm to the vehicle and the entire cleaning process is handled in a very professional manner. One thing is for sure, it is a delight to watch. 


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