Dutch Company Builds World’s Potentially Fastest Velomobile

Snoek cruises at a max racing speed of 37 mph.
Fabienne Lang

Say hello to Snoek, the velomobile that hopes to be the world's fastest of its kind. 

First things first, you might have never heard of a velomobile before. It's a funny looking contraption that's essentially a recumbent tricycle with an aerodynamic casing — and they're typically faster than traditional bicycles when on a flat road. 

Snoek is Dutch company Velomobiel's latest velomobile, and it is built first and foremost for speed. As Velomobiel noted to New Atlas, Snoek cruises at a max racing speed of 37 MPH (60 km/h).


The reason Snoek hopes to be the world's fastest velomobile is because it's been created for racing. As a matter of fact, there are velomobile races in the world. 

Dutch Company Builds World’s Potentially Fastest Velomobile
The difference in size between Snoek and Quest XS.                           Source: Velomobiel

Velomobiel has a number of different velomobiles available, but it's clear to see how Snoek, which has been developing velomobiles since 2017, is built with speed in mind. For starters, its lightweight carbon fiber body is 20% smaller than the company's other model, Quest XS. 

Snoek weighs in at 44 lbs (20 kg), a solid jump down compared with other run-of-the-mill velomobiles that come in at around 66 to 88 lbs (30 to 40 kg). It can accomodate a rider up to about 5 foot 10 (180 cm) tall. 

Dutch Company Builds World’s Potentially Fastest Velomobile
Dimensions of Snoek.                                                                                Source: Velomobiel

The velomobile also comes equipped with a side mirror and, front and back suspension to make the driving experience more practical. Velomobiel also hopes to add lighting and turn indicators in the near future. 

Snoek is kitted out with Sturmey Archer single-sided drum brakes, a 2x11 drivetrain, 20-inch (50.8 cm) front wheels and a 28-inch (71.12 cm) wheel in the back. The rider has the choice to use the removable aerodynamic cover, and there's also the option to have a removable hard top racehood. 

The company has already received 22 pre-orders as of the time of press, which each took about six months to build by hand. On top of that, be prepared to dish out approximately $9,656 as of this writing (€8,000) for your very own Snoek. 

You might take a look below to see what it is like to drive one: 

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