Ohio-based startup's e-bikes come with swappable batteries

They can be your power source on the go.
Ameya Paleja
Land DISTRICT battery.
Land DISTRICT battery.

LAND Energy 

A startup named LAND Energy offers its customers something that most companies don't. The option to swap the batteries on the vehicle, keeping the vehicle brand new even as technology improves over the years.

Unlike gas-powered vehicles, where the engine is the core of the machine, the battery pack on an electric vehicle (EV) is where the most advanced technology lies. With the EV industry still in its infancy, we can surely expect technology to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years, and that means that the vehicle you buy now could likely be obsolete.

Cleveland, Ohio-based LAND Energy, though, wants to eliminate this fear in the mind of potential buyers by offering them the option to switch their battery packs anytime in the future. What makes this concept even more interesting is that one does not have to visit a repair shop to get this done. Removing the battery on LAND Energy's Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) is very simple and can be done by anybody.

Ohio-based startup's e-bikes come with swappable batteries
Battery swapping is easy on the District

Rather the company wants its battery pack to serve as your personal energy grid wherever you go, and the LEVs are built around the battery pack.

The CORE battery pack

LAND Energy's LEVs are built around the portable power platform, dubbed CORE, which enables users to travel and work anywhere. The human-scaled battery pack can be charged using any wall outlet or even a solar panel when off the grid and is equipped with digital connectivity that allows for geo-location and tracking, as well as remote locking when need be.

The battery pack itself comes with a range of USB ports that you can use to power laptops, smartphones, and other electronics, whether needed for work or for play.

The Light Electric Vehicles

Built around the CORE battery pack is the DISTRICT, the LEV from LAND Energy that is available in two models, the standard and an off-road version called the District Scrambler.

Doing away with the inconveniences such as weight, gear shifting, noise, and maintenance schedules of gas-powered bikes, the DISTRICT LEVs are simple bikes designed to deliver comfortable rides without the hassles.

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Ohio-based startup's e-bikes come with swappable batteries
DISTRICT Scrambler, the offroad LEV

Weighing just 180 pounds (81 kg), the LEVs can adapt to the rider's skill levels and offer four modes to choose from, viz., bike, moped, motorcycle, and sports motorcycle. Easy to switch, different modes come with different top speeds, with none exceeding 70 miles (112 km) per hour.

Not only are swappable batteries a unique selling point for these vehicles, but the prices of the bikes are also quite attractive. The urban use DISTRICT with Pirelli tires and Magura braking systems starts at $8,200, while the off-road DISTRICT Scrambler with dual sport tires starts at $7,800.

Users have the choice to configure the LEVs from a range of options available on the website, and the all-American bikes made in Cleveland can be yours. When the battery tech improves, all you need to do is swap the CORE battery, and your LEV is good as new.

Going forward, the startup wants to foray into more LEVs as well as use the battery platform to design fleets for the health tech sector as well.