EarthRoamer XV-HD van takes families off the road and grid

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There are many recreational vehicles on the market and they are all great for travelling around and stopping at campsites. However if you want to go exploring areas that are more remote then you need something special and this is where the EarthRoamer XV-HD comes into the picture and you don’t have to give up luxury to go off grid.


[Image Source: Earthroamer]

The XV-HD is the latest in the series for EarthRoamer and it comes after the XV-LT range. The EarthRoamer is 35 feet in length, 13 feet high and 8.5 feet wide. It has been built on the four wheel drive Ford F-650 chassis and runs on the 6.7 litre Powerstroke diesel engine offering 330 horsepower. The 46 inch military grade tires ensure that it can tackle just about any terrain you throw at it.


[Image Source: Earthroamer]

The XV-HD can carry up to eight people but sleeps only six and among other things it can carry as much as 200 gallons of fresh water on a trip. Along with this it is also capable of producing continuous hot water, storing 100 gallons of greywater and 50 gallons of blackwater. It has a battery bank built in with a capacity of 25.3kWh along with a solar array of 2.4kW. Production of the off the road and off the grid van is set to start later this year.

earthroamer-xv-hd-7 earthroamer-xv-hd-6 earthroamer-xv-hd-3 earthroamer-xv-hd-2
[Image Source: Earthroamer]


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