Electrified Ford Maverick and Ranger may soon be here

The car company has trademarked the names Ranger Lightning and Maverick Lightning.
Loukia Papadopoulos
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There is some exciting news for electric vehicle lovers everywhere. CarBuzz broke the news that Ford filed to trademark Ranger Lightning and Maverick Lightning with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) overnight.

Are electric versions of the Ranger and Maverick finally here?

This means that electric versions of the vehicles may well be on their way. This is not the first time we have heard of these cars. CEO Jim Farley has already hinted at their arrival.

Last year, the executive was quoted as saying: "[I] could envision producing a family of Maverick variants, including an electric model.” Then, in the launch of the F-150 Lighting, he also said that another electric truck "that's different from the F-150" was already undergoing testing.

"We said very clearly we want to be the leader in electric pickup trucks,” he added.

The F-150 Lightning was released in May of 2021. In order to keep the beloved truck as popular as its gas-powered counterpart, Ford had to try and keep its torque, performance, general layout, and towing capabilities up to par, all while moving it across to electric. The firm was successful in doing so, and the end result was an impressive electric vehicle.

What will the new vehicles be?

Will Ranger Lightning and Maverick Lightning prove equally as impressive and popular? Will they be electric vehicles? All we know at the moment is that the Maverick is not currently offered in Europe, while the Ranger is the only global platform pickup truck Ford has in its lineup.

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The new patents may not indicate the introduction of new electric vehicles but rather be filed to prevent other automakers from taking the names. However, since ever more severe European emissions rules are pushing more carmakers towards electric vehicles, we would venture a guess that something is lurking behind the scenes.

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