Elon Musk Hints that Cybertruck Gigafactory Will Be in "Central" USA

The factory will also produce Tesla's Model Y.
Fabienne Lang
Tesla's CybertruckTesla

Tesla CEO Elon Musk enjoys keeping his Twitter followers on their toes. In a recent flurry of tweets on Tuesday, Musk shared the morsel of news that the company's new Cybertruck gigafactory will be based in "central" USA.

That's a rather large section of the country, as the factory could be as far West as Colorado or Utah, or more East in Tennessee or Kentucky, let alone every state in between. 


Cybertruck gigafactory

The new Cybertruck gigafactory will not only be bringing these powerful trucks to life, but will also be producing the car company's Model Y vehicles, as per Musk's tweet. 

He made it clear that the Model Y production in the gigafactory will only be for East coast sales. Once it's built, it'll add to Tesla's California facility, and its second site based in Shanghai, China that produces its Model 3 and Model Y. Tesla is also eyeing up Germany for another plant. 

The all-electric Cybertruck was released in November 2019, with a starting price of $39,900. Pre-orders have already been on-the-go, and seemingly doing well. Since the company opened its doors in 2003, the truck is its sixth vehicle to date. 

The Model Y was unveiled in March last year, will be able to seat seven and deliveries could start as soon as the first quarter of this year. 

Tesla appears to be celebrating victory after victory, as the company recently celebrated its 1 millionth car — a red Model Y — at its California facility on Monday. 

In typical Musk fashion of teasing and including his followers in the process, in early February he had tweeted hints of a Texas gigafactory. Only time will tell where this facility will be placed, but it's safe to say Musk will be keeping everyone updated through Twitter.


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