Elon Musk Just Revealed the Final Look of SpaceX Starship

And it is enchanting!
Kashyap Vyas

In November 2018, we saw Elon Musk renaming his future massive rocket from the Big Falcon Rocket (BFR) to Starship. Back then, the spacecraft was being developed at a cost expected to be $5 billion at the port of Los Angeles.

It was also believed that it would be able to store hundreds of tons of cargo or hundred passengers to Mars and back.

Musk’s Teaser of The SpaceX Starship

The recent news on the horizon about Musk’s monster of a rocket comes in the form of a teaser that has created quite an uproar and plenty of curiosity amongst onlookers to capture the perfect photos. The Starship test vehicle is nothing short of a piece of art and people are wondering how the spacecraft will look like after its completion.

This Spacecraft is currently being assembled at its launch facility of Boca Chica, Texas and real thing is expected to look significantly better than this prototype. Although this test vehicle looks gleaming and absolutely fetching, it lacks windows and is shorter than the actual production ship.

The company plans to use this prototype as its first launch vehicle. According to the tweet shared by Musk, “Starship test vehicle under assembly will look similar to this illustration when finished. Operational Starships would obv have windows, etc.”

Musk also shared a mock-up picture in his tweet of the Starship test vehicle. He plans to test the Starship hopper within the next four weeks. He also revealed that the primary hopper engine would probably fire next month. 

Fans React to This Latest Teaser

Eager Musk fans tweeted their spellbound reactions and took to Twitter to share their excitement on this latest development of the SpaceX Starship.

A Twitter user Cowboy Dan shared a beautiful picture of the spacecraft during sunrise.

A fan named “Chesley Bonestell: A Brush With The Future” even went on to suggest a different name to Musk for Starship tweeting, “Name suggestion: "The Starship Bonestell" or, if you prefer something more informal, how about just "The Chesley?"

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As is evident, this latest development in SpaceX’s launch of the Starship has fans excited to see what’s to come. This totally sleek spaceship arrow fins and a bullet-like shell already has the onlookers enthralled.


The finished design is expected to be even better than this prototype. Furthermore, the final starship is also likely to have a width of 30 feet and is definitely going to be significantly taller than this test-mule counterpart.

Testing is scheduled to start sometime in March 2019. Meanwhile, the response to this initial testing vehicle has been nothing short of extraordinary, and we cannot wait to see what the final monster looks like!

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