Elon Musk Plans to Link Hyperloop with SpaceX's BFR to Send People Around the World

Elon Musk has tweeted plans to combine Boring Company's hyperloop transport system with 'earth-to-earth' rocket travel.
Jessica Miley
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Elon Musk has announced how two of his biggest ideas the hyperloop vacuum-sealed transit system, and the SpaceX BFR could come together to transport humans across the globe at super fast speed. Musk explained on Twitter that SpaceX has plans to offer “Earth-to-Earth” trips using the BFR by 2024. 

These trips would depart from ‘spaceports’, (like an airport but for rockets) passengers taking off on the BFR would be ferried to their departing spaceport via The Boring Company's hyperloop system. So once combined, Musk imagines passengers could get taken from major cities to the spaceports in approximately 10 minutes, they would then jump on a rocket and go halfway around the world in as little as half an hour. 

Earth-to-Earth BFR flights could be the end of long-haul planes

That means you could be eating a hotdog for breakfast in New York and having Yum Cha for morning tea in Shanghai. The BFR rocket is still in development, but SpaceX wants this massively powerful rocket to eventually replace their entire fleet. 

In order to pay for the BFR SpaceX say they need to develop this single rocket system that can do a variety of missions and tasks. By doing this they can redirect resources currently being spent on Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy and Dragon to this system to the BFR. 


The Boring Company is now really pushing the development of the Hyperloop system. Musk had initially wanted to take a back seat on the development of the idea after he publicly announced it in a white paper back in 2013. 

But he has been frustrated with the slow progress of companies like Virgin Hyperloop One. He was quoted last August saying, “other companies were not moving quickly enough.” 

In typical Musk style, he has been making incredibly fast progress developing the underground high-speed transportation system. Last week, Musk showed off a recently completed section of the company’s proof-of-concept tunnel, with the news that he would offer free rides to the public in the coming months. 

The Boring Company regains front seat of Hyperloop project

The Boring Company has also started work on an East Coast project that will link Washington with Baltimore, this route would eventually connect to New York too. At the moment this underground tunnel would support a slightly less speedy loop system, different from the near-vacuum tunnels of the true Hyperloop planned for between San Francisco to Los Angeles

This project is expected to kick off in 2019. If Musk manages to combine these two super technologies, it could spell the end of long-haul flights. Obviously, the cost of such a system needs to be worked out and affordable for enough passengers to make it worthwhile.

Musk will be webcasting a presentation later today, where it is expected he will reveal more of the details about the project.

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