Elon Musk Polled People About Earthquake-Safe Underground Tunnels

Up to 70% of participants thought the tunnels were a good idea.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Elon Musk loves Twitter. Whether he is showing off his new starship heat shields or promising to fix Flint's water crisis, the intrepid CEO is always reaching out to his huge crowd of followers through the social media site.


A simple poll

That's why we can't say that we were surprised when Musk took a new approach of interacting with his followers via an online poll. On Friday evening, the CEO turned to Twitter to create a simple poll: "Build super safe, Earthquake-proof tunnels under cities to solve traffic."

The three options for answers were: "Definitely," "Maybe," and "No, I like traffic." Musk also added an extra Tweet to explain exactly how he envisions the tunnels.

"These would be road tunnels for zero emissions vehicles only — no toxic fumes is the key. Really, just an underground road, but limited to EVs (from all auto companies). This is not in place of other solutions, eg light rail, but supplemental to them," said the CEO.

Replying to fans

And, as always, Musk didn't leave his fans hanging. They proceeded to ask a lot of questions, and Musk was happy to oblige with answers.

Tesla Owners Silicon Valley asked if there were any updates on the boring company tunnels in the Bay. Musk replied: "Boring Co is completing its first commercial tunnel in Vegas, going from Convention Center to Strip, then will work on other projects."

Tesla Owners Silicon Valley then asked if they were able to finish the dome to which Musk responded that it was "done by dawn."

Musk even made some jokes. When Twitterer Alejandro said: "Sounds like the vaults of fallout," Musk replied: "That would be a fringe benefit."

So far, it seems people agree with Musk's idea for underground traffic avoiding tunnels. At the time of this writing, the poll had a 70% rate of "Definitely," a 17.5% rate of "Maybe" and a mere 12.5% of "No, I Like traffic."

Will Musk find a way to develop his latest idea? Based on his previous successes, it definitely seems reasonable enough to be accomplished. But we'll have to wait and see.

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