Elon Musk Just Released a Futuristic Concept Video of His 'Boring' Tunnel

Kathleen Villaluz

Elon Musk's new revelation isn't a surprise for most as he already posted a 'boring' tweet last year about how traffic is "driving him nuts". And as a man of his words, Musk has just revealed yesterday a concept video of what looks like a tunneling project that is making a healthy progression.

The Boring Company

The Boring company is an infrastructure and tunneling company founded by Elon Musk a few months ago in December 2016. Initially, it was the traffic in the city of Los Angeles and the limitations with existing 2D transport infrastructure system that inspired Musk to conceptualize this Boring tunnel project. He considers a tunnel to be a more practical approach to the worsening traffic congestions, in fact, Musk already spoke about this kind of concept with Hyperloop One.

The latest video of the Boring concept shows an intricate network of underground roads where cars could reach a top speed of 200 km/h whilst aboard a futuristic pod. Hyperloop One has explained the way this kind of tunneling technology would work. It would basically be a low vacuum tube that eliminates aerodynamic drag which will allow pods to reach speeds close to the speed of sound. The 400-foot long Boring machine, nicknamed "Nannie", weighs at a whopping 1,200 ton, has been lurking around for a couple of weeks now and seem to appear online from random sources.

[Image Source: Teslarati]

In the video, it is clear that the Boring tunnel won't have a conventional or typical setup like a road linking to a tunnel's entrance and an exit point that also merges with the existing road network. Instead, the Boring tunnel would have in situ, open pods along roads where cars can 'park' and be lowered through a shaft down to the subterranean transportation network. The surprising concept about this Boring tunnel is that it's not just an isolated low vacuum tube like Hyperloop One's design. It's actually a large, grid-like network where multiple lanes are available to simultaneously transport multiple cars. Of course, it wouldn't be an Elon Musk futuristic video if the car isn't a Tesla vehicle.

And not meaning to cause any stir here, but a cameo appearance of a futuristic vehicle seems to be a hint from this latest project of Musk. It shows a glass pod vehicle that can take a few people and goes through the same transporting process as a car does. Even bicycles can also be transported through this futuristic glass vehicle - you know, just to be extra sustainable. Maybe this is a very obvious clue? With Musk's mission to innovate the world, it will not be surprised if this concept will be released in a few months, or even a few weeks time.

[Image Source: The Boring Company via YouTube]

Apart from the video in the Boring Company website, there isn't much information available for now. You can, however, keep tabs on this futuristic project by periodically checking Elon Musk's official Twitter page and the Boring Company's Twitter and website.

Featured Image Source: The Boring Company via YouTube

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