Elon Musk Unveils Tesla Model S Plaid Delivery Event Date

Following delays, the time Tesla fans have been waiting for is finally here.
Fabienne Lang
Tesla Model S PlaidTesla

Following delays of its Model S Plaid deliveries, Tesla has now officially set a date for its patiently waiting customers: June 3. In typical Elon Musk style, the Tesla CEO took to Twitter to enlighten his followers of the upcoming customer release date. 

The delivery event will take place at Tesla's California factory, and that's about all the information Musk and Tesla have shared so far. 

This bite-sized piece of information comes after months of delays regarding Tesla's Model S Plaid deliveries. As InsideEVs reported, some of these delays were pinpointed to supply chain issues and part shortages — something that many automakers endured over the past few months.

Even just last week Musk and the Tesla team were unaware of exactly when the Model S Plaid would be delivered, but Electrek discovered that hints of an early June release date were circulating. It seems this prophecy has come to see the light of day, as Musk just today, May 20, posted about the June 3 delivery event on Twitter.

In his brief announcement, Musk also highlighted some of the exciting specs the Plaid model sports, such as its ability to go from 0 to 60 mph (0 - 96.5 km/h) in under two seconds. It can get there in 1.99 seconds, to be precise. As Musk said, it's the "fastest production car ever."

Tesla Model S Plaid

As for the actual EV's capabilities, it can go up to 200 mph (322 km/h) at a range of 390 miles (628 km), it has 1,030 horsepower, and according to one of our previous articles, a new variant of the model is being tested complete with an "adjustable wing built into the trunk."

The racer variant is still in its prototype stages, so we'll first have to enjoy the upcoming Model S Plaid that's now due to make its official appearance on June 3. 

Not only is the Plaid model fast, but its interior is also brand new. Complete with in-car gaming options, 22 speakers dotted around the vehicle for optimal sound effects, multi-device Bluetooth wireless and USB-C charging pads, and impressive storage capabilities, the Model S Plaid seems like it'll suit a vast range of EV enthusiasts. 

We'll have to wait and see what June 3 brings, but it sounds like it'll be an event to remember.

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