Elon Musk's Mom Casually Trolled Him About the Cybertruck on Twitter

Maye Musk reminded everyone that her son's been fixing broken windows since 1995.
Chris Young
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Elon Musk's mother either just purposefully trolled her own son online, or at the very least, inadvertently exposed him to lighthearted trolling from millions of other people on Twitter.

The reason for this? She posted a picture of her son, way back in the pre-Tesla days of 1995, fixing a broken car window.


A bit of lighthearted Musk family fun

Tesla's Cybertruck is the gift that just keeps giving when it comes to memes and online discussion — some even say the breaking of the car's windows live on-stage at the Cybertruck's unveiling event may have been done on purpose as a form of guerilla marketing.

Now, Elon Musk's mother, Maye Musk, has joined the party with a tweet about her son that quickly saw Musk himself, and thousands of others, quickly draw comparisons to the Cybertruck's window faux-pas.

As can be seen above, Maye Musk seemed to rather innocently tweet, "and people said you knew nothing about cars." There's no doubt that she knows about the Cybertruck's well-publicized on-stage window break, though, which makes us think this is a knowing wink aimed at the embarrassing event.

Of course, if Maye Musk is trolling her son, she will also know full well that the broken windows didn't cause any harm to Cybertruck sales — Tesla reportedly had 146K preorders within a week of its unveiling.

What was the Tesla CEO's response?

Elon Musk was quick to tweet back to his mother. He pointed out that he was, indeed, fixing a car window back in 1995:

Other tweeters also responded, and were quick to say that nothing's changed since then:

As Elon Musk jokingly put it, "the circle is complete." Let's hope the joke's not on the people that preordered Tesla's Cybertruck on the presumption that the window problem will be fixed on release.

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