Ever wanted to drive a Corvette on water? You need to check this out!

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Have you ever wanted to drive a Corvette on water? Well, we've yet to see a decent James Bond-esque car-boat hybrid but this is about as close as you can get to driving a Corvette on water. That said, we think it's even better than any Corvette car-boat hybrid that could ever be built. This 2700 hp carbon fibre powerboat looks like it'll blow you out of the water.

boat-outside-5-620x413[Image Source: Pier 57]

The price however isn't quite the same as a Corvette of course, you can get one for yourself from Pier 57 at the healthy sum of $1.7 million.  2012 MTI ZR48 is the creation of powerboat manufacturer, Marine Technology, Inc. There is a pair of 1,350-horsepower turbocharged Mercury Marine V8 engines sitting in a carbon fibre hull which can drive the power boat across calm waters at speeds up to 180 mph!

The exterior is massively influenced and inspired by the Chevrolet Corvette as seen in the ZR1 style front fender vents, tailights, and headlights.  Pier 57 states that all original GM parts were used to accomplish the ZR1 theme in this build. The cockpit even completely resembles that of the car itself, albeit with a few more gizmos to have you ready to tear up the water. The luxury interior features high quality leathers and suede, a custom ZR1 steering wheel and shifter to control drive trim and throttle the 2 engines.

boat-inside-4a-620x395[Image Source: Pier 57]

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[Image Source: Pier 57]

If you want to have a good day on the water you're going to want the best entertainment system and of course this requirement is ticked off with a custom 8000 watt stereo system that lifts from the deck, along with 5 televisions, Apple TV, iPod dock and WiFi.

boat-inside-5-620x387[Image Source: Pier 57]

The boat is larger than your average power boat and requires a custom trailer to tow it on land which thankfully comes in with the not so small price tag. The boat is mounted at an angle to obtain road legality and is accessorised by billet aluminum steps, stainless steel fenders, chrome hand rails, hydraulic landing gear and custom paint.

boat-on-trailer-3a-620x399[Image Source: Pier 57]

We imagine if you had that kind of money you would definitely be tempted to snatch up this menacing looking beast and hit the water at speed, serious speed.

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