Exceptional Aluminum-Hulled Electric Boat Hits 70 Knots

The powerboat's bullet-like hull uses recycled aluminum and is inspired by a WWII minesweeper.
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The Sarvo 37Sarvo Marine

Denmark's Sarvo Marine has unveiled the Sarvo 37, a sleek, speedy aluminum-hulled electric powerboat with a hull designed to cut through the water like a WWII battleship.

The 37-foot (11.3-m) day cruiser hits top speeds of 70 knots (80 mph or 130 km/h), it can travel up to 100 nautical miles, and its 350-kWh battery pack can recharge in as little as an hour, a report by NewAtlas explains.

The Sarvo 37's design process incorporates sustainable materials: its specially developed hull is made from 60 percent recycled aluminum, designed for low-maintenance.

Sarvo says the corrosion-free material offers more strength than a fiberglass hull with a fraction of the maintenance.

Exceptional Aluminum-Hulled Electric Boat Hits 70 Knots
The 37 incorporates recycled materials, including plastic ocean waste, into its design. Source: Sarvo Marine

The electric powerboat's classy synthetic wood decking, meanwhile, utilizes 80 percent recycled content, including plastic waste removed from the ocean. The seats feature weather-resistant imitation leather upholstery.

Electric automotive expertise hits the waves

The 37's razor-like V-shaped bow, inspired by WWII minesweepers, lets it cut perfectly through the waves, making the most of its 10,540-lb (4,780-kg) electric powertrain — designed by Sarvo CTO Jonas Voss, former electric propulsion chief at Koenigsegg Automotive.

Exceptional Aluminum-Hulled Electric Boat Hits 70 Knots
The V-shaped bow is inspired by WWII minesweepers. Source: Sarvo Marine

With its 10,540-lb (4,780-kg) electric powertrain and an electric motor with 1,280 hp, the 37 utilizes this angular design to efficiently travel the seas.

The powerboat's battery pack is carefully placed to improve balance and handling, while a compact electric drive features a partially submerged propeller to increase speed and acceleration.

The 37's electric motor has up to 1,280 hp. Traveling at lower speeds — about 10 to 20 knots — the boat can reach distances of between 70 and 100 nautical miles (81 and 115 miles or 130 and 185 km) on a single charge.

Exceptional Aluminum-Hulled Electric Boat Hits 70 Knots
The boat can reach distances of up to 100 nautical miles at lower speeds. Source: Sarvo Marine

An auxiliary battery pack can be hooked up to the Sarvo 37 manually to help it get back to port, in case the main battery is drained or damaged.

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Using 350-kWh Nerve Smart charging, the boat can recharge in an hour. Lower-output chargers can take considerably longer, with a 400-V shore power hookup taking 15 hours, as an example.

Exceptional Aluminum-Hulled Electric Boat Hits 70 Knots
The Sarvo 37 includes a twin bed and coffee station below deck. Source: Sarvo Marine

As far as amenities go, the powerboat's deck lounge features an under-seat drinks cooler. Below the deck, the boat hosts a twin bed cabin with a built-in bedside induction charger for electric devices. Though the deck does not include a full galley, it does have space for a coffee station and a toilet room.

Sarvo Marine has yet to release pricing information for its sleek electric Sarvo 37 — just don't expect it to come cheap. The company aims to have its first boat completed by May of this year.

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