Faraday Future electric concept car has futuristic design

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A tech start-up company based in California by the name of Faraday Future designed a concept for an electric car that has a futuristic design. The super electric car is intended to be launched in 2017 and the vehicle is said to offer smart mobility for everyone along with being clean and connected.


[Image Source: Faraday Future]

Faraday Future did want the electric concept car to be called the FF, however this is too close for comfort to the shooting brake of Ferrari. This means that it may be called just Faraday or possibly the Faraday Future. The vehicle was teased recently with the company suggesting that the greatest leaps in evolution need revolution. At the moment they are keeping the vehicle very closely under wraps other than to say that they are introducing a vehicle that is going to be all electric in 2017.

They did say that the electric car concept offers personalization in ways that haven’t been seen before and so we are expecting to see it arrive with lots of automated technology. We are also expecting the electric drive system to be very powerful.


[Image Source: Faraday Future]

At the moment Faraday Future is raising some eyebrows with their promises and this is due to the photos they revealed along with the fact that they have put together a good team since the founding of the company last year. They have two former employees of Lotus behind the creation of their vision. They said that the team comprises people with all types of experience in the automotive and technology sector with employees having worked on such projects as the Chevy Volt, Tesla Model S and the BMW i.

Of course whether the team will be able to transform the world of electric cars with the Faraday Future remains to be seen as others have had some great ideas that haven’t materialized. For instance Henrik Fisker was designer for Aston Martin but this didn’t help the green car company. Tesla also had to go years without seeing any profit, so fingers crossed for Faraday.

Their initial design hints at a futuristic design with large wheels and round glasshouse. For now we will be keeping our eyes and ears open for more information from Faraday Future and their electric supercar.


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