Faraday Future Releases New Teaser Video For Its Tesla Rival

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Faraday Future -- electric car maker and one of Tesla's biggest competitors -- released a sleek new trailer for its FF 91 model.

The vibe of the trailer seems a bit like if the Divergent franchise had to make their own electric vehicle. The grayscale style of the trailer only accentuates the car itself. However, we (like many commenters) would've liked to see more footage of the car rather than flashy jump cuts and mist-laden nature footage.

Faraday Future Releases New Teaser Video For Its Tesla Rival

It's a very mist-erious setting [Image Source: Faraday Future]

Here's what we did manage to spot in those quick glimpses of the FF 91: sleek body shape that's somewhere between a hatchback and a sedan, LIDAR hub, and bar lights around the hood. However, that doesn't seem like nearly enough to truly showcase the FF 91 in action.

Faraday Future Releases New Teaser Video For Its Tesla Rival

This first glimpse of the car lasts 1.5 seconds [Image Source: Faraday Future]

The car itself could run upwards of $300,000. The steep price doesn't quite justify the 1,050 horsepower. Other additives include a 130 kWh capacity. The car promises up to 370 miles of range. The driving sensors are relatively extensive. It comes with nearly a dozen front and rear facing cameras, 12 ultrasonic sensors, and 13 distance radars of varying lengths.

With even the highest pricing Tesla models coming in under $100,000, maybe FF should've spent more time displaying what justifies the price tag rather than looking cool and hip.

Faraday Future Releases New Teaser Video For Its Tesla Rival

Waiting for King Kong to come out of this mist [Image Source: Faraday Future]

The trailer comes as a slight shock due to Faraday Future's financial situation.

There's also the disappointing debut the company made at this year's CES. The car malfunctioned onstage, sparking not-so-pleasant headlines if you're the company's PR. (Relive the awkwardness in the video below.)

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However, things remain highly conceptualized at the Faraday Future offices -- at least, for those who can manage to swing a visit. The Verge writer Andrew Hawkins toured the facility in December 2016. He writes that it "was highly staged, complete with a printed itinerary listing all the employees that would be made available for interviews." Hawkins also noted absolutely no photography was allowed and said his iPhone camera was also taped up.

Faraday Future's head of corporate affairs Greg Adams explained what the company's ultimate aesthetic was, including its 'virtual ecosystem' of production.

"It’s not the Disneyland of the internet. It’s something well beyond that, like Westworld," he said. "It could be all sorts of things wrapped up into one."

Given the financial issues and uncertainty, maybe the Disneyland comparison would've been more apropos. The company lost its highest financial backer in December. Ding Lei, a top executive with China's tech company LeEco had to step down from Faraday Future.

Prior to this teaser trailer, the most promising news from FF was that its Nevada-based factory was finally underway. The $1 billion factory had been halted during the financial issues.

"We’ve completed the initial preparations of the site, which included the removal of 2.5M cubic yards of dirt and grading of the entire site," the company said in a press release. "Our initial investment of $120 million in Nevada has also created hundreds of jobs locally."

Faraday Future Releases New Teaser Video For Its Tesla Rival

[Image Source: Faraday Future]

Is the company actually just nontraditional in its business practices? Maybe. Tesla bypassed the usual stages of production with its Model 3, so anything seems possible for electric car manufacturers. Regardless, Faraday Future needs more than a flashy action trailer to overcome the financial and press-related issues surrounding its vehicles.

Featured Image Source: Faraday Future

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