FedEx Receives First All-Electric, Zero-Tailpipe Emissions Delivery Vans

The company hopes to fully electry its global delivery and pickup fleet by 2040.
John Loeffler

FedEx has just received the first delivery of its new emission-free electric delivery trucks from BrightDrop, marking a major milestone in the broader move to electric vehicles around the world.

FedEx announced that the first five EV delivery trucks out of an order of 500 electric Light Commercial Vehicles (eLCVs) were delivered by BrightDrop, a subsidiary of General Motors (GM), that is pioneering the company's electric delivery and logistics business.

“The delivery of the first BrightDrop EV600s is a historic moment, born out of a spirit of collaboration between two leading American companies,” Mitch Jackson, Chief Sustainability Officer, FedEx, said in a statement. “At FedEx, transforming our pickup and delivery fleet to electric vehicles is integral to achieving our ambitious sustainability goals announced earlier this year. This collaborative effort shows how businesses can take action to help usher in a lower-emissions future for all.”

According to FedEx, the company has set a goal of operating its entire global pickup and delivery fleet using all-electric, zero-emission vehicles by 2040, with FedEx Express, FedEx Corp. overnight and express delivery subsidiary, plans to operate 50% of its global pickup and delivery fleet using eLCVs by 2025, with 100% of its fleet being fully-electric by 2030.

“As eCommerce continues to grow, BrightDrop is thrilled to partner with FedEx in our mission to dramatically reduce vehicle emissions from delivery and deliver a brighter future for all of us.," said Travis Katz, President and CEO of BrightDrop.

"FedEx has ambitious sustainability goals, and the speed with which we brought the first BrightDrop electric vehicles to market shows how the private sector can innovate and help bring solutions for some of our biggest climate- and emissions-related challenges."

The vehicles were delivered to the FedEx Express facility in Inglewood, California, out of which they will be operated. To support its planned eLCV fleet, FedEx is also investing in charging infrastructure across its facility network, including 500 charging stations that FedEx has already installed in California alone.

FedEx said that it is working in consultation with local power suppliers and utilities to determine capacity needs to support the EV infrastructure.

The BrightDrop EV600

The BrightDrop EV600 is a specially designed commercial vehicle meant for delivery companies like FedEx, UPS, and local postal services, but certainly isn't limited to major logistics firms.

“The EV600 combines the best attributes of a traditional and a step-in van into one vehicle, keeping driver safety, comfort, and convenience top of mind,” said Katz. “It’s also the fastest built vehicle, from concept to market, in GM’s history.”

Powered by the Ultium battery system, the EV600 has an estimated range of up to 250 miles when fully charged, and comes with more than 600 cubic feet of cargo area.

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