Fighter Tempest's New Radar Can Collect a City's Worth of Data per Second

Tempest will be in the Royal Air Force's service by the middle of 2030
Deniz Yildiran

The U.K.'s Royal Air Force seems to be getting ready to adopt a futuristic theme through its new combat aircraft. Although the newly announced concept is under development, what is offered will for sure create some sensation. 

The next-generation combat aircraft is only a part of a wider combat air system. However, it's been stated by BAE Systems that the recent technology is about to change things for the battlespace over a tough encounter. 


Tempest's radar technology will reportedly provide over 10,000 times more data than current systems. ‘Multi-Function Radio Frequency System’ will deliver a huge amount of data that equals to internet traffic of Edinburgh in a second, comparingly speaking. 

The collected information will be concurrently processed on-board and make the aircraft take advantage of locating and targeting enemies even before they think of making a move. 

"Our new radar technology is a concrete example of the gains this approach has already brought, costing 25% less to develop while providing over 10,000 times more data than existing systems,"  said Iain Bancroft, Director of Major Air Programmes at Leonardo UK.

The new aircraft is a cutting edge technology on which pioneer companies collaborate. Leonardo UK, BAE Systems, MBDA UK, and Rolls-Royce are just a few of them. 

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And yes, you might just have guessed it right -- Roll-Royce is the one to develop the futuristic aircraft's combustion system.

"A next generation system will need to be hotter than any previous platform, increasing the efficiency of the engine and meaning it can go further, faster, or produce less carbon dioxide," it was explained in the statement of Rolls-Royce's part.

Back in August this year, we reported that Tempest had been tested by the virtual design revealed. Thanks to this digital approach, the aircraft had already caught the attention of its fanciers back then. We will be waiting for the actual design to show up to see what it really has in store for the UK. 

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