First All-Electric Commercial Flight Takes Off in Canada

Harbour Air and magniX partnership just carried out the first all-electric commercial flight.
Nursah Ergü
The photo credit line may appear like thismagniX Powering Flight/YouTube

The world's first fully-electric commercial aircraft had a test flight on Tuesday in Vancouver, Canada. The short test flight was carried out by Harbour Air and magniX, involving a six-passenger aircraft and an electric motor. 

Greg McDougall, CEO, and founder of Harbour Air, which is one of North America's largest seaplane airlines, said in a statement, "Today, we made history. I am incredibly proud of Harbour Air's leadership role in redefining safety and innovation in the aviation and seaplane industry. Canada has long held an iconic role in the history of aviation, and to be part of this incredible world-first milestone is something we can all be really proud of.


Harbour Air is aiming to fly passengers aboard on fully electric aircraft starting from 2021.

CEO of magniX Roei Ganzarski said, "In December 1903, the Wright Brothers launched a new era of transportation—the aviation age—with the first flight of a powered aircraft. Today, 116 years later, with the first flight of an all-electric powered commercial aircraft, we launched the electric era of aviation. The transportation industry and specifically the aviation segment that has been, for the most part, stagnant since the late 1930s, is ripe for a massive disruption. Now we are proving that low-cost, environmentally friendly, commercial electric air travel can be a reality in the very near future."

You can watch the video of the flight below.


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