Wisk Aero aims to be the first FAA certified autonomous air taxi with its 6th generation eVTOL

The company targets a price of $3 per passenger per mile.
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Wisk Aero Gen 6
Wisk Aero Gen 6

Wisk Aero 

The first self-flying, all-electric, four-passenger eVTOL air taxi in the world was unveiled by the California-based Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) company Wisk Aero. Generation 6 is Wisk's go-to-market aircraft and the first autonomous eVTOL to be a candidate for type approval by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The most sophisticated air taxi in the world, Generation 6 combines one of the safest passenger transport systems in commercial aviation with industry-leading autonomous technology and software, human oversight of every trip, and a generally streamlined design.

The eVTOL has a per-charge flying range of 90 miles (144 km) with reserves. As for performance, it is claimed to cruise at 120 knots (138 mph/222 kph) at 2,500 to 4,000 ft (762 - 1,220 m) above sea level.

With a 50-ft (15-m) wingspan, it has a 12-prop arrangement stretched out over it for takeoff, with the front row tilting for propulsion during horizontal flight. The four-bladed rear props power down and lock during cruising to save drag, while the five-bladed transitional front props are larger than before and have five blades. The wings and booms have also been raised above the passenger cabin for increased safety and reduced cabin noise.

“In 2010, we set out to find a way to skip traffic and get to our destination faster,” said Gary Gysin, CEO of Wisk. “That inspiration evolved into a mission to deliver safe, everyday flight for everyone. Our 6th Generation aircraft is the culmination of years of hard work from our industry-leading team, learnings from our previous generations of aircraft, commitment from our investors, and the evolution and advancement of technology.”

Two industry titans in aviation, The Boeing Company, and Kitty Hawk Corporation support Wisk. Additionally, Wisk gains a competitive edge from Boeing's 100+ years of experience in aircraft development, mass production, and certification through its strategic alliance with Boeing.

Wisk plans to enter the market with the sixth generation design, the first autonomous, passenger-carrying eVTOL air taxi to be submitted for FAA-type certification. Wisk also claims that the sixth-generation design has been built to exceed aviation safety standards.

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According to the headline, this four-seat passenger eVTOL has been designed to fly autonomously with the help of "logic-driven, procedural-based, decision-making software," a suite of onboard sensors, and obstacle avoidance capabilities. However, it will operate under the close supervision of remote human multi-vehicle supervisors who will be prepared to take control if necessary.

Generation 6 improves the passenger experience by integrating an interior design modeled after an automobile. Passengers can choose between taking in the scenery, being productive, or just relaxing because of the excellent visibility, the roomy layout, the comfy seats, and the productivity tools like wifi and charging.

With a target price of $3 per passenger per mile, Wisk's 6th Generation aircraft is created to provide a service for everyone.

Wisk has made accessibility a crucial component of its design approach in addition to the price. The accessibility elements included in Generation 6 range from an entrance and exit made for people with different levels of mobility to user interfaces that easily accommodate those who suffer from hearing, vision, and other disabilities. Wisk is one of the few market participants who has made serving such a diverse range of passengers a top priority.

Wisk’s Generation 6 air taxi seems to be definitely worth looking forward to.

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