Fisker-Foxconn 'Breakthrough EV' Deal Sparks Apple Car Speculation

Electric automaker Fisker has teamed up with iPhone manufacturer Foxconn to build an EV.
Chris Young
Henry Fisker's recent tweetHenrik Fisker/Twitter

Electric automaker Fisker Inc. has teamed up with iPhone manufacturer Foxconn to build a "breakthrough EV" the company's co-founder, Henrik Fisker, revealed in a tweet.

The announcement has led several publications and commenters to speculate that Foxconn might be in line to manufacture the highly-anticipated Apple car.

Never one to shy away from the hype, Fisker stated that his company's new electric vehicle is "so revolutionary that we have to keep is [sic] secret until the launch in the end of 2023."

According to a Reuters report, the announcement of the deal, codenamed "Project PEAR" (Personal Electric Automotive Revolution), sent Fiker Inc.'s shares up 18%.

Fisker also claimed that Foxconn will annually build 250,000 of the electric vehicles as of 2023.

Despite already having made a name for itself, Fisker Inc. is yet to release any commercial vehicle — though its Ocean SUV is expected to be available to the public starting next year.

In terms of the design for Fisker's new "breakthrough EV", all we can really do currently is speculate.

Alongside his tweet (above), Henrik Fisker did share a sketch whose enormous cylindrical wheel outlines may or may not resemble what's presented in the final design.

After going public in October, Fisker Inc. said that it would focus its attention on developing the Ocean SUV. The company previously stated that it aimed to develop a four-car range by 2025.

Foxconn's Fisker deal leads to Apple car rumors

The Fisker-Foxconn collaboration has led to several outlets speculating that the Apple car will one day be manufactured by Foxconn.

As CultofMac points out, both Hyundai and Nissan were separately in talks to partner with Apple and handle the production of its future self-driving car. However, negotiations broke down when both companies refused to work on the car as silent partners — meaning the car would be branded purely as an Apple vehicle.

Being a silent partner for other companies is a big part of Foxconn's business model — the Korean company manufactures iPhones, Macs, and iPads for Apple.

What's more, Foxconn recently began work on setting up an automotive arm. This, the "breakthrough EV" collaboration with Fisker, and its connections with Apple, means that many now believe Foxconn is in a pole position to strike a deal to manufacture the much-hyped Apple car. 

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