FlipCrown: easily flatten your bike for compact storage

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We've all been there - trying to cram your bike into the shed or corridor and you just can't get it to fit nicely. University students are all too family with having to dodge handlebars as you walk through the corridor of a house. Enter FlipCrown, a product that can be retrofitted to most bikes allowing them to easily be flattened and stored neatly.

FlipCrown was designed by Rob De Schutter and Patrick Jacquet and is a device that allows you to quickly rotate the handlebars 90 degrees so that the bike is as close to flat as you're gunna get. Patrick and Rob run a small design & development firm called DeltaReference based in the city of Ghent, Belgium.

The FlipCrown comes with an Alan key so that you can loosen the stem-bolt and turn the heandlebars 90 degrees. This is not only good for corridor storage of bikes but also means you can squeeze your way into crowded bike locking station. It also allows for easier mounting of bikes to car racks. It also makes carrying bikes up and down stairs less of a chore.

flipcrown-4[Image Source: FlipCrown]

They have turned to crowdfunding source Indiegogo to try and raise the funds needed to cover start-up costs of the first production run. The early-bird pledge of $25 would have guaranteed you a pre-sale FlipCrown but they have sold out, meaning you now have to pledge a minimum of (a reasonable) $30 to get your hands on one.

"FlipCrown is a product for bike-lovers and perfectionists, but also for people who are radically practical and want their bikes when they need them and out of the way when they don't," says their campaign where they are seeking $15,000 to help launch the product onto the market.

flipcrown-3[Image Source: FlipCrown]

flipcrown-2[Image Source: FlipCrown]

They have gone through numerous prototypes to reach their final design which they are no happy enough with to go forward.

And, if you want to make your bike even thinner when storing, check out their quick release pedals. They also offer a minimalist bike rack so you can hang your bike up at home like a piece of art.

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