Ford launches German-engineered all-electric Explorer for Europe

Explorer will take road trips in its stride, with charging from 10-80 per cent in 25 minutes.
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Ford all electric Explorer
Ford all electric Explorer


U.S.-based carmaker Ford has announced its new all-electric Explorer, the first of many EVs to come from the company as part of the company’s rebranding in Europe, according to a press release.

The mid-sized crossover is designed to set families off on their next adventure, with an aerodynamic exterior that reflects the iconic American SUV and a bold “shield” design that takes the place of a traditional grille.

The vehicle seats five across two rows and offers ample storage space of around 470 liters in five-seat mode, making it perfect for exploring cities and beyond. The 17-liter console between the driver and the front-seat passenger has been designed to hold a 15-inch laptop and includes a private locker, while hands-free accessible boot space is also available.

The Explorer is engineered and built in Germany with an outstanding digital experience that will appeal to drivers and passengers alike. Features include a SYNC Move 2 supersized movable touchscreen and a private locker storage space for valuables. Additionally, there’s a wireless device charger with a compartment for two large smartphones as standard.

Charging the Explorer is quick and easy, with access to 500,000 charging points across Europe expected to be available by next year. The vehicle can help drivers find the most convenient charging stations on the road while charging at home can be scheduled to use cheaper electricity where available.

Available as both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive variants, the Explorer also includes a raft of features designed to keep drivers and passengers comfortable and refreshed, including heated front seats and steering wheel, a massaging driver’s seat, and climate control that allows the driver and front passenger to choose their own temperature.

Advanced driver assistance systems include Assisted Lane Change for safely changing lanes and Clear Exit Assist, which warns of approaching cyclists before opening doors in busy city centers.

The Explorer is available in two versions – Explorer and Explorer Premium – with pricing expected to be less than €45,000. Reservations are already open at Ford's official websites across Europe.

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