Ford Released a Video of Their Electric F-150 Towing Over a Million Pounds

While only a tech demonstration, Ford's upcoming electric pickup truck looks like it could be incredibly powerful.
Chris Young

Ford has given an impressive display of the strength of its electric pickup truck.

Its electric F-150 prototype towed 10 double-decker rail cars filled with 42 current-model F-150s, at a weight of over a million pounds (500 tons).


Impressive electric capabilities

Ford's current best towing vehicle is the 2019 F-150 with its 3.5L twin-turbocharged V6, which is rated to tow 13,200 pounds (6.6 tons).

As Engadget reports, this is an impressive display of the way in which electric motors can develop more torque than internal combustion engines, even at zero RPMs — most train locomotives are diesel-electric for a reason.

While the electric F-150 does have impressive capabilities compared to the ICE model, it would likely pale in comparison when it comes to towing time. The ICE model has a range of 720 miles with the optional 36-gallon tanks, while the longest range EV, the Tesla Model S 100D has a range of 335 miles. Ford is yet to reveal the new F-150's range.

Electric vehicle (towing and non-towing) competition

As per the Verge, Tesla holds the current record for pulling the heaviest load. A Tesla Model X towed a 287,000-pound Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner nearly 1,000 feet at Melbourne Airport in Australia last year.

Ford will also be competing with Rivian's new RIT pickup truck; though Ford actually invested $500 million in the EV company recently, meaning it will be a more friendly form of competition.

The famous American car manufacturer also recently announced a collaboration between itself and Volkswagen — Ford will use Volkswagen's MEB platform for its own electric vehicles.

It's important to note that Ford says their electric F-150 demonstration is a “one-time short event demonstration” which goes “far beyond any production truck’s published capacity.” However, this demo could be indicative of a powerful future for Ford's EVs.

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