Ford Teases DIYers With Its Electric Crate Motor

The motor will be on display at the SEMA show this fall.
Ameya Paleja
Ford will soon offer electric crate motors.Ford Performance/Twitter

Last month, we reported how Ford had 70,000 almost ready cars waiting for chips. While the car manufacturer cannot do much about the global chip shortage, you can definitely trust it to make good motors. As the cars go electric, Ford has given us the first glimpse of its electric crate motor on Twitter. 

Electric vehicles are definitely the 'greener' option to go for if you are looking to buy a new car. While the Rimac Nevera promises performance and the Tesla cars are all about range and comfort for the family, it is difficult to give up your beloved car, when it has served you so well, all these years. If you are willing to be just a little bit adventurous, in the near future, you could simply swap your internal combustion engine for an electric one from Ford. 

If you are still really hung up on the gas-powered engines, Ford also offers a twin-turbo variant of its V8 Godzilla. But we would definitely recommend you to wait till this fall when Ford's electric crate motor will be showcased at SEMA. Ford is calling the motor, Eluminator. The company did not reveal much in its teaser tweets apart from a few computer-aided design images. But that is enough to help us determine how big the motor is. At ~22 inches (570 mm) length, the motor could practically fit any car, so your beloved car could be any model or make and would still be a fit for an electrifying change. 

The good thing is that Ford Performance will support your shift as well. So, you do not have to worry about spending hours modifying your drive. A smaller question still remains about the battery. Would you have to shop for it or will Ford supply that too? We do not know much about that for now, but November is not very far to wait this out. The tweet also said that the motor will be available this fall, so it is likely that the battery support is also sorted for this one. 

Come November, if you are not really happy with this one, you could always opt for the eCrate from Chevrolet. Either way, there are now options to take your car electric, beyond buying a whole car.