Ford’s F-150 Lightning's ‘Mega Power Frunk’ Is the Largest Ever Yet

With more than 14 cubic feet of storage.
Irmak Bayrakdar
The F-150 Lightning's frunk.Ford

Traditionally, when there's a vehicle there's almost always a trunk. And again, traditionally, the said trunk is almost always located at the rear end of the vehicle. That was the case until the debut of the front trunk, or popularly known as the "frunk".  

For the last few years, frunks have been getting a lot of attention, especially after Tesla EVs' frunks. And now Ford, another American automobile giant, has announced that its all-electric version of the best-selling pickup truck of all time, the 2022 F-150 Lightning pickup truck is ready to hit the market. And that its "Mega Power Frunk" is the largest in the truck industry with a spacious 14.1 cubic feet storage area. 

Creating the dream frunk

But its size isn't everything. There's so much more to be excited about the Lightning frunk. Ford wanted to set its new frunk design apart from its competitors by equipping it with lights, USB chargers, and full-fledged electrical outlets. The frunk features bed lamps in the hood, and these lamps offer a lighting source on the inner side of the hood that prevents blocking, glaring, and shadowing. The four electrical outlets, two USB chargers, and 2.4 kilowatts of power are ready to power electronics from TVs to laptops, speakers to crockpots, power tools, and other devices.

Ford’s F-150 Lightning's ‘Mega Power Frunk’ Is the Largest Ever Yet
The new frunk can easily fit in two golf bags. Source: Ford

With the new F-150 Lightning and its multifunctional frunk, you can stop tailgating at the back of your truck and switch to the front. What's more, you can add an integrated table, a stereo system, and a battery pack either for work or play.

The Chief Program Engineer of F-150 Lightning, Linda Zhang, adds that “The F-150 Lightning pickup’s Mega Power Frunk is one of those features that reshape what vehicles can provide for customers. It’s sheer size, ample power supply, drainable floor, and open and close system that opens with the touch of a button make it frunking awesome!”

According to the company's press release, Ford's design strategy director Greg Ardisana said that “Since the frunk was a new space, all the truck customers we interacted with got really excited about what it could be and what use they could get out of it in their daily lives,” and that they “...needed to take what they wanted and find a way to deliver on it.” 

The routine everyday life makes spending time outdoors challenging. Adding smart and spacious attachments to pickup truck beds or frunks could easily turn family trips into RV picnics.

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