Former Renault Member has Joined Stigobike Team

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3seconds[Image Source: Stigo]

The Stigo bike may considered as a parent of a new class of urban vehicles – that of compact foldable electric scooters. Stigo has a top speed of 25 km/h and the lithium battery allows range of up to 40 km after charging. Its weight is 17 kg and it measured 45 x 40 cm after folding.

stigo_standing_350[Image Source: Stigo]

Impressed by the bike, Alain Giraud, former member of Renault once responsible for the development of the electric Twizy, decided to join the team of Stigobike.

“I saw the vehicle at the “1000 Pionniers” event in Paris and it fascinated me. Such foldability, its light weight and the fact that you can take it anywhere as a wheeled suitcase create unique functionality. Stigobike also seems to have the “wow-factor” that just wins people over. I’m enthusiastic about becoming part of the team and I’m sure we’re going to have some exciting times ahead,” said Mr. Giraud, who is Member of the Advisory Board of Stigobike now.

Rando Pikner, CEO of Stigobike, is very excited about this new signing: “Alain Giraud is a visionary and a great leader. His extensive experience in vehicle concept introductions and intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the transportation industry is a unique match for Stigobike. We are very happy to have a professional of his stature joining our team. As we are currently setting up manufacturing, his expertise is of great value to us,”


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