This fully-electric speed boat can push 740 horsepower

It also has a fast charging option of 45 minutes.
Loukia Papadopoulos
The Voltari 260.jpg
The Voltari 260.

Voltari Marine Electric 

Voltari Marine Electric is set to release its Voltari 260 in 2023, a fully-electric performance boat pushing 740 horsepower and powered by a 142kWh battery pack. 

This is according to a report by InsideEVs published on Thursday.

This is no small feat considering that an electric boat may draw several hundred kWs just to reach a mere 60mph. 

"A boat is so inherently inefficient, operating in hydrodynamic state versus aerodynamic state, that we're always looking for ways to improve efficiency and power-to-weight ratio," told InsideEVs Cam Heaps, CEO of Voltari. 

To counteract this issue, Heaps and his colleagues designed the 260 by utilizing a carbon fiber hull to reduce weight. 

"That's when the incredible weight savings we find on the carbon fiber side, we use every pound of that to give us extra {battery} capacity, up to 142kWh {right now}," Heaps said. "That allows us to put very impressive motors on and do things in the water that haven't been done before."

The end result is a high-speed boat that measures 26 feet, weighs 7,000 pounds, and has a top speed of 60 mph. Furthermore, on a single charge, it can go 37 miles. 

"The way we look at it is we take the average boater's day on the water, whether you're in Florida, Hamptons, or Cottage country Ontario. Very few people go more than 35 miles on their boating day, and that's what you can do at cruise {speed}," Heaps said. 

Boats will mostly be charged right at their docks, as most are equipped with 220V outlets; however, the 260 boasts a 700V battery system with a fast charging session that will take just 45 minutes. 

"Right now, with the 220V pedestals that already exist on most slips in the boating industry, we plug in when we get off the water, and in the morning, the boat's always full," Heaps said.

Customer deliveries are expected to begin later this year, with a starting price of $450,000. 

"The EV industry has a bit of a reputation these days of excited customers putting down reservation deposits and not expecting a phone call for a couple of years," said Heaps to InsideEVs

"We want to impress our customers and respond with product delivery times that really start this change in the industry."

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