Futuristic All-Electric Autonomous Delivery Pods Now Available Worldwide

For the first time, the next-gen Pod with new features and updates is commercially ready across the world.
Fabienne Lang
Einride PodEinride

Autonomous and electric are two words we're seeing more and more regularly when reading about vehicles. Last Thursday was no exception. 

Swedish freight mobility company, Einride, unveiled its next-gen autonomous electric Pod on a commercial and global level. With updates and new features, the futuristic Pod is quite a sight. 

As of 2019, Einride became the first company to create a completely autonomous and electric heavy transport vehicle for the road. Now, with its updates and new Pod features, it's still way ahead of its competition. 


One exciting ride

The groundbreaking self-driving electric Pod has seen a few updates and changes since its conception in 2017, just a year after Einride hit the ground running. Now, it's ready to tackle more roads and offer brilliant options for its owners. 

The launch of the next-gen Pod happened on Thursday, and you can watch the launch video below. 

As the Einride Pod has no driver's compartment, the company had to "develop a proprietary methodology for describing the use cases for Autonomous Electric Transport (AET)," as per its press release.

Futuristic All-Electric Autonomous Delivery Pods Now Available Worldwide
Einride's Pod. Source: Einride

"With this approach, we are able to develop and scale our capabilities in the most common and appropriate use cases for freight, with the ultimate goal of automating as much of the transport network as possible," said Pär Degerman, CTO of Einride.

The AET system has five levels, four of which are already available for pre-order now. There's AET1, for fenced facilities with predetermined routes, AET2, also best for closed facility routes, but it enables public road crossing between short distances of destinations, then there's AET3, which takes the Pod up a level by allowing it to drive on back and less busy roads between destinations with a maximum speed of 27.9 mph (45 km/h), and then there's AET4, which allows for a complete autonomous driving on highways and other major roads reaching speeds of up to 52.8 mph (85 km/h).

Futuristic All-Electric Autonomous Delivery Pods Now Available Worldwide
Front of Einride. Source: Einride

AET 1 and 2 are already available to reserve immediately, and AET 3 and 4 can be pre-ordered and be ready for shipping by 2022/2023. 

The initial reservation fee sits at $10,000, and the operational fee for the Pods, which is to be covered by the business that buys them, will range from $18,000 per month to $22,500 per month, depending on the Pod. 

Futuristic All-Electric Autonomous Delivery Pods Now Available Worldwide
Back of Einride. Source: Einride

"We can already see a strong traction from the market to start using autonomous and electric transport. The benefits are clear and we want to be the player in the market that can help our customers to make the transition to a better future of transport happen," explained Robert Falck, CEO, and founder of Einride.