GEA concept is a luxury autonomous car for the future

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It probably won’t be too long in the future when cars will become fully automated and Italdesign Giugiaro have shown us their take on what we can expect from a fully autonomous luxury sedan by way of the GEA concept.


[Image Source: Italdesign Giugiaro]

The GEA concept car is a luxury saloon car with four electric motors, one at each wheel, and it can provide 57 kW of power and a top speed of 155mph. The designer says that the concept is a study on luxury cars for the near future and the company behind the design believe that the focus is going to move away from drivers to the passengers in the seating in the back.


[Image Source: Italdesign Giugiaro]

Just as with concepts that we have seen from Mercedes and Rinspeed, the seating of the GEA concept can be changed and tailored to the needs of the passengers. Italdesign Giugiaro has gone even further with the concept and created three modes of usage for the GEA.


[Image Courtesy of Italdesign Giugiaro]

There is the Business Mode that bathes the passenger cabin in white lighting to help with concentration and productivity when working. The passenger seating in the front is able to swivel around 180 degrees so that they face the seating in the back. Alternatively, they can be lowered down to make a desk. Two transparent 19 inch LED displays lower down from the roof for working on too.


[Image Source: Italdesign Giugiaro]

The GEA concept was designed with the help of Technogym when it goes into Wellness Mode. The whole aim of the mode is to allow passengers to undertake isometric exercises when undergoing long journeys. The lighting turns to amber to give a warmer and more relaxed environment, while handles and boards can be used during exercise sessions that are video guided.


[Image Source: Italdesign Giugiaro]

The Dream Mode aims to offer a place of relaxation and sleeping when going on long journeys. The windows are darkened and the whole cabin is lit in relaxing blue light. There are footrests that can be extended from the seating in the back, while the seat at the right hand side of the car is able to extend into a bed. The whole aim of this mode is to reproduce the feeling of flying in first class.


[Image Source: Italdesign Giugiaro]

The GEA concept is a sleek looking saloon car with a flattened look to the front and back ends. The wheels are classy and come in 23 inches offering 60 gleaming spokes each. The chassis of the vehicle is designed in aluminium, magnesium and carbon fibre and these materials help to keep down the weight to 2,000kg. At the back the doors open towards the back to make getting in and out easier much like the Pantom and the centre pillar has been removed.


[Image Source: Italdesign Giugiaro]

The vehicle is packed with technology and it can be controlled from the seating in the front through a spherical interface or alternatively a mobile app. When the car is in the autonomous mode the windows are darkened to provide the occupants with privacy. There are LED light clusters on the outside of the car and these change colours based on the driving mode of the car.


[Image Source: Italdesign Giugiaro]

All of the instruments in the car are digital. This includes a 12 inch display offering a graphic interface that shows speed, navigation, engine revs, amount of charge and the residual range. There are also two 3.5 inch displays set to either side which show video feeds taken from the exterior mounted cameras. There is also a 3D holographic display and when undertaking manoeuvres. images taken from the rear camera are also shown on the central display.


[Image Source: Italdesign Giugiaro]

The steering wheel of the GEA concept is specifically configured so that it cannot be turned more than two degrees. To turn the vehicle a potentiometer is used and this senses how hard the driver of the vehicle is turning in a direction and the car then makes the turn. There are no traditional foot pedals. Pressure sensitive pads take over and the side flap and charge socket have been taken away and induction charging used instead.


[Image Source: Italdesign Giugiaro]

The GEA concept was shown off to the public at the Geneva Motorshow.


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