Goodyear's a new tire design can charge your car as you drive

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One of the most common worries faced by owners of electric cars is their range. They fear what would happen when their battery suddenly runs out of charge. For cars that use petrol and other similar products, it is practically a very simple problem to solve. Go to the nearest gas station, which is usually not that far out. In the case of electric cars, we cannot say the same.

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One way to solve this problem was proposed by Goodyear in the form of an innovative tire design. The design of the tire is realized in such a way that it can generate electricity while the owner drives the car, giving the car some kind of back up energy to the main power supply.

The tire is designed to charge an electric car by utilizing various sources of energy. It is designed to use the heat generated by the friction between the tire and the road as the car moves. It is also designed to capture the kinetic energy that results from the flexing of the tire as it moves. Even more, it should be able to generate electricity even when it is stationary. Based on the design, this can be achieved by capturing the heat and light energy from the environment continuously and converting them into electricity.

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While not many details have been released as to how this tire is going to achieve all this, it will be interesting to see whether it can actually be realized. What will be also interesting to see is how the engineers will connect all these different sources of electricity to just one battery efficiently.

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It is not known how long we will have to wait to have an answer to these questions as no release date has been announced so far.

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