Helicat: Fast and fun rough water tackling catamaran

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The Helicat is a uniquely designed rough water tackling catamaran built for rough waters and offers a stable and safe way to tear up some fun on the water. Unfortunately, if you thought it was half-helicopter, half-boat we're sorry and neither is it some sort of helicopter cat. The name of course comes from the helicopter-esque design of the body, offering an aerodynamic solution to high speed winds. Catamaran of course means 2 hulls offering high stability whereas speed boats typically have a flat bottom that doesn't cope well in rough water.

141122536_x-large[Image Source: Helicat]

At speeds of 20-45 mph it can get 3.5-5 mpg offering an economic fuel burn rate for a boat designed and built for rough water. There are two separate motor/fuel/electric systems for redundancy and can hit up a speed of 15 kn using just one motor. You can enjoy the fun with your friends too as it comes with four seats as standard but can be built for up to 7 people.

The design is such that when hitting rough waves the water passes over the body, and there is nowhere for water to collect like conventional boats. At 6.5 meters long it weighs in at 1000 kg and with standard twin 45 l tanks it offers a range of 160 km (100 miles).

141122536_x-large2[Image Source: Helicat]

You get a choice of 60 or 90 hp engine with prices starting from $75 000 with a range of optionals on offer such as different motors (Honda, Yamaha, or Mercury), clear vinyl doors to keep you dry as you tear up some waves or even swivel chairs for fishing if you desire. It comes in white as standard however other colours are available - red, yellow, blue, or black for additional charge.

141122536_x-large4[Image Source: Helicat]

The Washington based company's website offers ideas for numerous possible uses from general fun, fishing, island transport or even resort adventure tours where four side facing can be installed with seat-belts for safety.  The tail on the back of the Helicat  is more than just a nod to the vessel's helicopter influence; it serves as a wakeboard/waterski tower.

While the speeds may not sound impressive, it certainly looks to be a heap of fun. The double hull means that there is no side tilting and thus the G-force would resemble more the sensation of driving a car. Check out the video below of it tackling some choppy water:


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