Hidden barn revealing 230 'very rare' classic cars in pristine condition to go up for auction

The Palmen Barnfind Collection, which is one of the largest barn find collections in the world in recent years, is an incredible discovery.
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The Palmen Barnfind Collection.
The Palmen Barnfind Collection.

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Come May 19, and a collection of over 230 classic cars worth millions of euros will be auctioned in the Netherlands. 

Known as the Palmen Barnfind Collection, over 230 cars that were discovered in warehouses and an abandoned church in Holland and belonged to businessman Ad Palmen, who started collecting them 40 years ago.

Palmen's reportedly ailing health made it impossible to maintain the collection, which was recently purchased by Gallery Aaldering, a motor vehicle dealer run by Nico and Nick Aaldering, for an undisclosed amount.

Many of the classic cars, including Maseratis, Jaguars, Aston Martins, BMWs, and Facel Vegas, are in pristine condition. Auction organizers expect a great turnout and believe the collection is a "unique opportunity for car enthusiasts and collectors worldwide to expand their collection." Gallery Aaldering and Classic Car Auctions will organize the auction, and the cars will be available for viewing on May 27, 28, and 29. The auction will close in three waves, on June 5, 6, and 7.

Ad Palmen worked as a car dealer in the Netherlands in the mid-1960s before eventually starting his collection with a yellow Lancia B20. His knack for finding cars was matched only by his love of privacy. Even his neighbors didn't know what he was storing in his warehouses. In fact, so secretive was Palmen that he only allowed a handful of people to know about the existence of his remarkable collection.

The Palmen Barnfind Collection comprises classics from marques worldwide, including Italy, France, Germany, the UK, and America. The collection is so dense that it's hard to keep track of everything in there but Classic Car Auctions' website has listed them all.

Although the vehicles are undeniably dusty, Classic Car Auctions and Gallery Aaldering claim they are in good, albeit unrestored, condition. Palmen is said to have maintained the collection alone, and he started the engines regularly.

The Palmen Barnfind Collection is an excellent opportunity for classic car enthusiasts and collectors to get their hands on some rare vehicles. Palmen's refined taste and discerning eye for classic cars is evident in the collection. The auction is expected to attract many collectors worldwide and with good reason. The Palmen Barnfind Collection is a remarkable discovery and a testament to Ad Palmen's passion for classic cars.

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