High-Tech Lighting Company OSRAM's Latest Innovations Will Change the Way You Drive

The lighting company OSRAM has big plans for the automotive industry. Check out their latest innovations.
Donovan Alexander

The excitement can be felt in the air across all the exhibitions at this year's CES. Companies are eager to show their latest innovations to the public and the ecstatic visitors. The show is in full swing. 

CES is the most significant consumer electronics innovation show in North America, attracting more than 170,000 attendees. Each exhibit at the Las Vegas show highlights different technologies such as smart cities, wearable technologies, robotics, and smart buildings to name a few. 

High-Tech Lighting Company OSRAM's Latest Innovations Will Change the Way You Drive
Source: OSRAM

Showcasing in the automotive section of CES, lighting company OSRAM has some impressive products for the various fields the company operates within. 

The OSRAM Vision

OSRAM's history dates back 100 years. The historic company is a leading provider of innovative lighting solutions. With the aim to "reinvent light," OSRAM offers a wide variation of products with multiple applications. They are offering lighting solutions for commercial indoor and outdoor lighting applications as well as the entertainment, production, healthcare, and automotive industry. 

As part of the lighting company's overarching vision, and as part of their theme at CES, OSRAM looks to enhance people's lives by showcasing how to connect to smart cities as well as how "to enhance well-being with horticulture and entertainment lighting, to enhance security with light using iris scan and facial recognition in smartphones, to increasing safety with automotive exterior lighting that assists both drivers and others sharing the road."


To showcase their impressive LiDAR technology, OSRAM uses Virtual Reality to convey the power of their product. The company's LiDAR technology allows vehicles to analyze their surroundings. Think of it like X-ray vision for a car. Using the headlights of a vehicle, the LiDAR technology aims to "provide advanced warning to drivers, increasing safety; and experience biometric technology that senses when a driver is drowsy, distracted or is suffering a health emergency."

The LiDar tech constantly scans the environment providing constant analytical information to a vehicle and driver People who visit the exhibit will be able to see exactly what a car can see with LiDAR. The technology will be perfect for the growing autonomous car market.  

Biometrics, DMD, EVIYOS, And Semiconductors 

Some of the other products that guests can experience at the OSRAM exhibit include their Biometric technologies; technologies used to give real-time health feedback to drivers on the road. The company will showcase different aspects of both their DMD and EVIYOS technologies. Both technologies offer drivers the opportunity to use the feedback from the surrounding environment to provide drivers with a responsive lighting experience.   

Using those same Biometric technologies, OSRAM will be introducing an automotive interior lighting system that will use your stress level to create a colorful lighting experience in your car with the aims to calm you down.  

The final piece of technology the company will show will be its impressive SFH 5735 emitter. The LED chip is for spectroscopy, which can be used to identify food, medicine, and even measure body fat.