Hipsters Will Love This Old-School Tempus Electric Bike

Good news for vintage lovers. The old-school Cafe Racer design from Tempus Electric Bikes might be the perfect bike for you.
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Good news for both geeks and hipsters, the old-school looking Cafe Racer design Tempus Electric Bikes are might be the bike you are looking for.

Tempus's 19-year-old designers Ikenna Ofoha and Xavier Chan said the CR-T1 was designed to be cool, stylish and high quality.

The bikes impress just as much for their mechanics. E-bikes use a simple electric motor if riders don't wish to pedal. Traditionally, there are gas throttles in the handle, but riders can pedal whenever they want.

Source: Tempus Electric Bikes

Chan operates the business development side of Tempus, a company based in Ontario. Ofoha innovates and designs most of Tempus products.

"The Cafe Racer design always stood out to us as sleek and elegant. We used that as inspiration and built something cool."

Source: Tempus Electric Bikes

The CR-T1's Drool-Worthy Designs

The sleek design of the CR-T1 seems made for luxury. The leather seat adds to its vintage appeal, and it completes the Cafe Racer's look.

Source: Tempus Electric Bikes

The frames are hand-crafted out of aircraft-grade Chromoly Steel in Canada. It has a 1000W Hub motor, and 180mm front, 160mm rear hydraulic disc brakes. Lighting includes a LED light. The bike even has a fake fuel tank to hide the wiring and electrical controller.

Source: Tempus Electric Bikes

"We are using the newest lithium battery technology on our bikes. Made with Samsung cells the battery can be locked to the frame, and used to charge any device by USB"

Source: Tempus Electric Bikes

The bikes work with speedometers should users wish to add them. It also comes equipped with a USB port for on-the-go mobile-device charging.

Source: Tempus Electric Bikes

"Made from aircraft-grade, 4130 chrome-molybdenum steel tubing, the frame borrows heavily from the motorcycle sector with an articulated swingarm in back and steering head with a moto-like triple tree to clamp the front forks. Dual, coil-over, piggyback air shocks buoy the rear end on 2.7 inches of travel, and the dry spring forks up front give up 3.14 inches of travel but provide no damping features — probably not a big deal given the limited speed and weight, there just isn’t that much energy there to be dealt with."

says TJ Hinton, who examined the CR-T1 and wrote a technical report about on his website.

Source: Tempus Electric Bikes

The Tempus Electric Bikes are available for pre-order for $3,999 CAD. They will run $4,999 when they hit the market in September 2017.

To pre-order, visit their website and get even more information about the design here.

Via: Tempus Electric Bikes, Top Speed


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