How a Tire Looks From the Inside While Driving

It's always cool to see the inner workings of stuff.
Utku Kucukduner

We always appreciate people who let us see things we cannot normally see.

YouTuber Warped Perception got an interesting request from a viewer to mount a GoPro inside the tire of a car and drive around in it. We see cars all the time but how does the tire react to the road from the inside, no one knows. At least not until now.


YouTuber notes that it's just the right time for such a project as he was about to do away with his old tires due to wear and tear.

For his project, he utilizes a GoPro Hero 7, a USB cable, a LED light, and an external battery pack to power the light. At first, he hesitates that he may not be able to mount all these ingredients into the tire but the indented rib on the steel part allows for a nice bedding for whatever's going to go inside.

Following some assessments, the YouTuber provides us with a well-montaged process video with all the steps, which in itself makes for an interesting and soothing watch. He sets the camera in a way that the action will happen moving towards the camera.

The next challenge after the installation is how he's going to get the plastic part of the tire on the metal wheel frame. After this has been dealt with, he then shows us how the fitting of the tire looks from the inside. 

Our favorite part of the video was when he filled the tire with air. He shows us how the tire settles on from both inside and outside. Both of the footages have a quite cool and satisfying *pop*.

Once everything's settled he pops the tire back in starts traveling. He begins with some simple forward accelerations and moves on to making sharp turns with relatively high speed.

How the tire reacts is quite interesting but you have to see that for yourself. It's indeed a sight to behold how much even 35 or 40 PSI of pressure leave room for flexibility.

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