Hummer to Make a Reappearance in 2022 as an Electric Pickup

A report by the Wall Street Journal highlighted that GM will be reviving the truck.
Fabienne Lang
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If you weren't sold on Tesla's electric Cybertruck pickup then you might be more inclined towards General Motors' (GM) all-electric Hummer.

If all goes according to plan, the GMC brand will be selling the shiny new Hummer by late 2021, or early 2022.

The information was originally shared through this report by the Wall Street Journal. 


Controversial GM brand

The Hummer has been well-known for being a gas-guzzling macho machine from the early 2000s. It was a controversial move for GM to release such a pickup truck, but its revival as an all-electric truck may reverse that image. 

After being off the GM lineup for over a decade, a commercial about the new Hummer will allegedly be released at the Super Bowl next month. It's also been said that NBA star LeBron James will be in the feature.

When GM was asked to comment on the new Hummer, it was reportedly stated that the news was "speculation."

Further to this, there has been no actual information regarding the car's capabilities, including electric range or seating capacity.

Hummer to Make a Reappearance in 2022 as an Electric Pickup
The Hummer of old, Source: General Motors

GM's interesting move towards an electric Hummer is indeed a fascinating one, which might confuse some Hummer enthusiasts.

If all information is indeed correct and the Hummer is showcased next month, then the automaker is likely to put the truck to market in a year or two at the most. Its biggest rival may be the Cybertruck.

Furthermore, if released, the car will be sold under the GMC brand, and not as a standalone one.

We'll have to wait with bated breath until February 2, when the Super Bowl kickstarts.


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