Indy 500 Driver's Wheel Bursts into a Ball of Fire

The driver said the weird event was likely due to it being 2020.
Loukia Papadopoulos
The photo credit line may appear like thisIndyCar on NBC

The Indianapolis 500 is normally held on Memorial Day weekend but this year due to COVID-19 the race took place in the summer. Summer is definitely warmer than spring and this may be why James Davison’s No. 51 Honda's wheel was set on fire on lap five.


The event caused quite a stir and video showed the car riding around with a flaming wheel like something that came straight out of hell. The wheel took fire after Davison made contact with a SAFER barrier during the opening laps.

Davison luckily was able to exit the car safely. In an interview later, the driver explained how the brakes heated up until they combusted resulting in an explosion in the front tire. The car continued to flame after Davison exited and after it was lifted on a flatbed truck.

Davison summed up the experience by saying "It's still 2020." Indeed, we couldn't agree more. The year has been filled with all kinds of drama ranging from the COVID-19 pandemic to strange and scary weather events.

Unfortunately, for Davison there's no coming back from this incident and the driver was out of the race. The win for the Indianapolis 500 went to Japanese driver Takuma Sato after he performed an incredibly strong race during the last quarter of the event. As for Davison, we wish him better luck next year and hope 2021 will be a safer and saner year for all.


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